Top 20 of the best tweets about pharmacies (and everything that goes on there)

We have rubbed shoulders with more pharmacists in two years than all the rest of our lives and even if they are funny with their little nerd glasses and their chemistry lesson coats, we would have liked to spend less time in pharmacy barnums and more time at the bar. Fortunately, it’s (almost) behind us now and we can laugh about it.

1. They missed a golden opportunity

2. It was funny, your boss doesn’t deserve you

3. Too complicated to remember apparently

4. So much violence

5. It must be quite rare to go well at the pharmacy

6. Fallback Strategy

7. How can you lie to Eva like that?

8. Little humiliation of the day

9. The covid hangs out there for sure

10. The pharmacist probably suspected it

11. It’s Obvious

12. Avoid anyway as a precaution

13. The revelation must have been awkward

14. It happens to everyone

15. We don’t care, we do it anyway

16. They deserve calls from the CPF all day.

18. Funny Logic

19. Had to think about it

20. We all have days without

Makes me think, gotta buy Lysopaine lozenges to give to kids who knock on doors on Halloween.

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