Top 20 of the best tweets about libraries, SILENCE!

Is there anything that makes you more nostalgic than remembering all those hours spent as a child reading comics sitting on the dirty carpet of the municipal library (which seemed to us to be the most beautiful library in the world at the time) ? I do not believe. In those days, we knew the librarian better than our own mother… And now, well, we’ve abandoned her, poor thing. To say thank you for all these beautiful years spent in his company, here are the best tweets about libraries, those of our cities and those of our hearts (those of our apartments what).

1. What is their secret?

2. Wow, ok that’s too much for me

3. He’s not so wrong on one side

4. Direct Tej

6. How much for this beautiful sticker?

7. Ok that’s kinda funny

8. Inception

9. I want this man as my main teacher

10. What an idea to revise too, you have to go to the talent

11. Some really have zero respect

12. She is very good that one Franky

14. Every Fucking Time

15. But buy her some real shelves this Christmas

16. Ouch

17. This is the effect of public libraries

18. The greatest drama of our civilization

19. Yes

20. A real mother as we love them

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