Top 20 of the best punchlines of Elodie Poux, this genius

After a remarkable debut in Nantes, Elodie Poux was able to conquer the hearts of the French and to impose herself in the world of French-speaking humor at the speed of light, notably by winning almost all the prizes of the competitions in which she participated (33 price in 23 festivals, OKLM).

Now, rare are those who have never seen or heard one of his sketches, whether at the Montreux Comedy Festival, at Marrakech du Rire, on Rire et Chansons or Paris Première, and even at Topito (which undeniably proves that it is an amazing person, obviously).

So before you go take your place to see his second show “Le Syndrome du Papillon” just herehere is the top of these best punchlines available on the internet!

1. I wanted a job where you only work in the evening, and where it’s well paid, but I’m allergic to latex…

2. As we say on our beautiful French beaches: we must not hide our face!

3. Are the peas overcooked? Maybe it’s because they’re asshole lenses!

4. You’re not a Princess Kimberley. A princess at 4 years old does not weigh 67 kilos!

5. Life is like a box of chocolates… fat people don’t last as long.

6. I am happy in my bodysuit. Fat, that’s life. And yours seems very sad. So let your hatred inside you. Then enjoy it because it’s the only thing that seems to penetrate you.

7. People who email me saying I’m overweight and have a double chin: […] I have mirrors, so I know. And fuck you!

8. A womb is like a voter’s card. If you don’t, you can’t give your opinion. Well, you can, but who cares.

9. Anyway, let’s quickly get back to our topic before Eid.

10. He was so dumb. Like the guy you say to him: “Go ahead, make me climb the curtains”, he gives you the short ladder you see…

11. Your behavior is having a very effective effect on my large colon. Well that means you’re pissing me off!

12. François, why are you pushing your brother? Did he ask you to push him? But on the stupid swing, not in the gravel!

13. As lesbian couples say once a month, “We’re going to do this by the book.”

14. Worn like a blind man in front of sandpaper, because he thought it was braille and it’s really hard to read, because it’s written small.

15. There are people, the last time they took a shower was when their mother’s water broke.

16. I need a lot a lot of sleep. Me, it’s not nights that I do, it’s general anesthesia.

17. Watching children play, live, it’s wonderful… as a means of contraception.

18. I hit on kids but I’m joking. I like them at the bottom… at the bottom of the pool!

19. Go shit in the wheat fields, it will make Chocapics.

20. There are people who spend all their money on a chat. Me, you will never see me putting hundreds of euros in a cat. Anyway I tried, it does not fit.

Convinced of his immense talent? So take your place to see it for real just here !

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