Top 20 of @AmeEnSoie’s best tweets, rants and puns

If you like to spit on all types of Parisians, laugh at stupid puns and rank the letters of the alphabet in order of swag, you will love the tweets of @AmeEnSoiea woman more than funny.

1. “Do you still have stupid questions like this in stock?”

2. Jul would be so proud

3. They should anyway

4. These people deserve the flames of hell

5. He deserves nothing better

6. See panic OR contempt in the server’s eyes

7. It’s still more polite

8. Perfect imitation, their voices echo in my head

9. Let’s be clear

10. We demand an explanation

11. It’s Always Better

12. Terrifyingly unwell

14. So much better than Top Chef

15. This exceptional internet running gag

16. With Squeezie’s voice it’s even better

17. We’re actually waiting for retirement

18. It’s obvious

19. Always there for us to break them

20. 100 bullets? 200 bullets?

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