Top 20 funny tweets about nail polish, this thing that lasts less than your ex

If you are reading these words, you certainly have hands and therefore probably fingers and maybe nails. Well, I don’t want to go too far, but I guess. If you’ve experienced the joys of putting on polish, then you should know that this little nail makeup is a bit of a scam that’s fleeting beauty only lasts two days before giving us fingers worthy of crack hill dwellers. Yet, we go back to it often, always believing that this time it will be the right one (yes, it’s a toxic love story). So those are the nail polish tweets that I hope will convince you to leave this unhealthy relationship.

1. Palm slap to make the polish profitable

2. Your little finger has a Y shape

3. “Hell, you can’t wear one type of nail polish. And it’s crackle.”

4. Ouch

5. A sign that does not deceive

6. “Seriously, how do people do with fake nails? I feel like all the daily chores have gone into hard mode.”

7. We know each other

8. Tip, dip your fingers in ice water (but only your fingers)

9. My mom thought putting on nail polish would keep me from sucking my thumb. Now I eat ass. Everyone loses battles.

10. Live the Babybel

11. My dentist when he found out what I’ve been opening my nail polish bottles with for 15 years

12. These are real kids

14. I hate when people tell you “find yourself a passion”. Excuse me, I have a hobby, it’s called scraping all the polish off my nails instead of using nail polish remover, thank you

15. Libra-like indecision

16. Both My Captain, Both

17. *Wears red polish to symbolize the blood of my enemies*

18. Boriiiiing

19. Never experienced a longer wait

20. Too serious, olala………

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