Top 20 funny tweets about cakes, bon appetit friends

Do you have a small slab? I did, but since I didn’t have a snack on hand while writing these words, so I made use of photos of cakes lying around on the net. So it gave me the idea to make you a little tasty selection to say thank you to the cakes that give us joy every day (well yes every day, otherwise how do we manage to be happy?). And yet, it’s not a piece of cake, mdrrrr. Come on, let’s go.

2. France wants to know

6. Well, nothing, with pleasure listening

7. I want to be roommates with you

9. Worst Scam

10. Parisian apartment, right?

11. I feel like vomit in my mouth just seeing this

12. Really scary cakes…

15. Just toss the cake

16. This is the date

18. The trick was to hide his discovery to enjoy it as long as possible

19. A nightmare that only children don’t know

Who can sit at the table of the caramel flowing heart and tell it that it is a better cake??

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