Top 20 Funniest Tweets About Stranger Things Season 4 Ending


If you have not yet watched the end of season 4 of Stranger Things, we advise you to leave this top immediately. You can stay at your own risk, but don’t come back and say we didn’t warn you. This season 4 was very very nice and deserved a little debriefing moment with lots of funny tweets. Laugh well and even a little too much.

1. We who watch Stranger Things with new fans

2. We need to talk about this beautiful cap

3. What Mike saw when Will was crying

4. Not cool but real

Stranger Things writers: This kiss was not in the script, Winona and David added it on the day of filming.

I feel like all the best moments weren’t in the script… What were you paid to do?

5. Bunch of shitty American patriots

6. Who was disappointed by Will’s shitty painting?

7. Mike and Eleven are clearly going to be that married couple arguing over whether to put pineapple on the pizza.

8. His bird feeder is exceptional

9. How can you dream of going in a motorhome with six kids?

10. They could have gone back frankly

11. Billy, Bob, Alexei we think of you

12. What the fuck has it got to do with Harry Potter?

“The last episode of Stranger Things will be as long as a Harry Potter movie”

13. Even We Can’t Take It Anymore

14. Baldness suits her so well

15. Mike pretends not to hear him, it’s not possible otherwise

16. The new season of Stranger Things without context

17. “Vecna ​​needs to kill a fourth person”

18. Truly the Worst Character Evolution

19. RIP Mike Wheeler. He’s not dead or anything huh, but the character is too badly written.

20. The Villain of the Series / The Real Villain

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