Top 20 funniest images created by artificial intelligence Dall.E

Taking pictures and drawing yourself is completely outdated. Why bother when an artificial intelligence can do the job for us? An image generator called GIVE HER makes it possible to create funny images in a few seconds and that was enough to make Internet users hilarious. We share the funniest ones with you because we are nice.

The little nuggets found on Twitter

1. A Fisher Price guillotine, the perfect toy

2. Darth Vader who meets Pingu, the alliance of villains

3. The Demogorgon from Stranger Things holding a basketball

4. Bigfoot taking selfies with fans

5. Walter White as a Van Gogh painting character

6. MRI image of Darth Vader’s skull

7. A wheelchair with built-in gaming chair

8. Rocky Balboa fights in a ring with the Michelin Man

9. A Cucumber Connect Four Game

10. A Mark Zukerberg ventriloquist doll

11. An Easter Island statue in black and white film noir

12. A band of minions with a flaming cross

Our original Topito creations

13. Emmanuel Macron dances with the yellow vests (and becomes one at the end)

Macron gilets jaunes

14. Game of Thrones’ Bran Stark is shopping at the supermarket.

Bran stark supermarket dall e

15. Shrek plays tennis at Roland Garros

Shrek tennis dall e

16. Emmanuel Macron dancing at the Pride March

Macron pride dall e

17. Alvin and the Chipmunks in a jail cell

Alvin chipmunks jail dall e

18. The Night King from Game of Thrones who works in an open space office

Night king got dall e

19. Voldemort steals a motorcycle

Voldemort moto

20. Kim Kardashian if she played in The Shining

Kim k shining

Post your best creations in the comments and we will give you a score between 1 and 9.

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