Top 19 of the best tweets about the Crous, the devil’s organization

There is not a single student who has had a relationship with the Crous who can speak highly of this organization to you; looks like they’re doing it on purpose. Between the scandalous food of the university restaurant, the rooms smaller than the cupboard of the naughty sorcerer and the endless and depressing steps to have 12 balls of purse, there is something to complain about. And we don’t hesitate to do it on Twitter.

1. Will you resume a bit of a vicious circle?

2. The Nothing Sandwich Scandal

3. The Dream of a Lifetime

4. Idea: buy an apartment with all that money

8. Dump the ashes on their desk at this point

9. Chic crockery as we like

10. The Crous graphic designer has let go

12. Unfailing responsiveness

13. At 11 a.m. they are already on edge

14. Always more creativity

15. It’s way too equipped to be a Crous room

16. I put the YouTube video “Fireplace HD 10 hours” to get a feeling of warmth

17. Every human’s worst fear

18. An extra HALF cookie

19. They get wanted, you puffballs

It really pissed me off, I’m going to have a stock of cockroaches delivered to the Crous in Paris.

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