Top 18 worst times to sneeze, stay on your guard

To sneeze is to throw snot at any speed at 50 km/h. Such power cannot leave us unscathed. A lot of satisfaction and joy in this intense gesture which is however not pleasant in all circumstances. We give you here the most unbearable situations to sneeze.

1. When you have sex

PFIIIIIIOU. You experience the ejection seat live. Hi friend.

Topito texte sexe 2

2. At a funeral

Uh in fact we are here to blubber but not to sneeze, you shoot all our contemplation there ptin boring tss.

3. At the end of a yoga class during the relaxation phase

Hyper embarrassing this moment (like all the embarrassing moments of yoga) when the teacher guides you in an already very weird relaxation: everyone half pounces by imagining a lotus flower above their plexus and you let go of a daron’s snort bringing the room out of its cosmic delirium. It’s not very yogi to do that.

4. When you drive

Like almost everything in driving, sneezing also represents a danger not stung by beetles since we have the annoying habit of closing our eyes for a few seconds when we sneeze while driving at 250 km/h on the ring road. it’s hot (don’t ask me, I suck at the speed limit).

Topito rp permis

5. When you have your period and get out of the shower

You menstruating people know what it’s all about. Your bath mats that look like remnants of murders too.

6. When you operate on an open heart

Imagine you forget to put on a mask and you don’t put your hand in front of your mouth and you release a glaviot of space in the heart valves. Everyone will laugh at you for sure, even the operated patient.

7. When you have gastro

I won’t dwell on the subject any further.

Rp fidel gastro

8. When you have to pee

Did I warn you that this top was 67% scat-friendly?

9. When you hold a baby

Could the baby.

10. When you kiss

Disgusting. Go blow your nose you coward.

11. When you’re in front of 20 kilos of coke from the most dangerous cartel in the world and the drug trafficker isn’t happy



12. When you enter an area with no sneezing signs

Forbidden to ban………..

15. When you’re a waiter you hold a tray

And that in addition on your tray there was a dish of tomato sauce that you spilled all over a bath mat that had just been cleaned after you sneezed on it when you got out of your shower when you had your rules. Can you imagine the delirium?

16. When you make a house of cards

“Bah great house of cards he’s screwed now. »

An advice. Think all the same to flourish in a less shitty activity.

17. When you play hide and seek

« Bah super my hiding place is screwed now.

Oh? Not.

Because no one is looking for me… »

Remember not to play hide and seek all alone, it’s too late.

18. When you eat couscous

Believe it or not, couscous is not recommended at all for a stable and calm sneeze. The grains sneak into the nostrils. You just feel like you snorted coke, except that instead of coke you would have snorted semolina. Get off that fucking crap, you’re addicted man.

Topito rp couscous

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