Top 18 things flight attendants are not allowed to do

For many, being an air hostess or steward is a dream: we travel all the time, we discover crazy places around the world, we don’t even pay for the flights and, if we want to, we can even ken with the pilot. Yes, but there are also somewhat released rewards, silly things that the stewardesses are not allowed to do during or outside the flights, and you have to accept them otherwise you’re back on solid ground and especially back to Pôle Emploi. Of course, if you are an air hostess or in a relationship with an air hostess you already know all that, but the rest of us have learned things.

1. Have visible tattoos

Generally, if you see a tattoo protruding from the uniform, then it’s NIET. Airlines don’t like it, even if it’s cute flowers. Or a cute bunny. And if you have a plane that crashes into the Twin Towers tattooed on your forehead, it’s not even worth thinking about.

2. Wearing too strong a perfume

It’s logical: no one wants to take a long trip with someone who wears the Flower by Kenzo, constantly going back and forth next to him. So a little perfume, why not, but emptying a bottle on your face is a no-no.

3. Run down the aisle

It’s true, it’s pretty obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to say it: the hostesses can stroll down the central aisle, but not too quickly. Otherwise they jostle people, cause nasty drafts and stress everyone out. And no one wants to be stressed on a plane.

4. Eating or drinking in front of passengers

We can eat our disgusting meal trays as we want, but the hostesses and stewards must eat away from the public, in their little nook which also serves as a rest room. Anyway they will not eat in the middle of the aisle, it would be stupid.

5. Not knowing how to swim

Most companies require personnel to be able to swim at least 50 meters, which can be useful in the event of a ditching. Afterwards, we don’t train them to fight sharks or swim in water at 2 degrees, so you have to choose the place where you land.

6. Lift your luggage

In some airlines, to avoid injuries (to the back, in particular), the flight attendants are normally not allowed to help you carry your luggage to store it in the overhead compartments. On the other hand, they can hold the compartment open and watch you struggle with a smile.

BUT conversely, some companies ask hostesses to know how to carry 10kg suitcases without damaging their backs. It depends.

7. Do what they want with their nails

According to the companies, the hostesses are not allowed to have too long nails and to wear certain colors of nail polish. Because it’s true that nails 10km long with neon pink nail polish are disgusting. Sorry but that’s the absolute truth.

8. Wear headphones, even while on break

Flight attendants must be able to hear everything that is happening on the plane at all times, so even during rest times it is forbidden to listen to their music with earphones in their ears. And, suddenly, it is forbidden to listen to his music at all, since on loudspeaker it would piss people off.

9. Wear jewelry that is too flashy

Dangling earrings are dead, big rings are the same, and voluminous necklaces are no, no and no. The piercings don’t even mention it to me otherwise I’ll take you straight through the window in mid-flight.

10. Not wearing a watch

Crew members are required to wear a watch for the duration of the flight, because they need to know the time for take-off, meal service and a host of other things. The watch must be analogue, with a second hand that indicates the seconds because in an emergency it can always be used. And forget the Hello Kitty watches, you need something understated.

11. Accept tips

It’s an airplane, not a restaurant, so tips are not allowed. You never tip anyway so don’t act like you’re disappointed.

12. Not wearing makeup

Air hostesses are generally required to wear make-up, but they don’t have to put on tons of it either. As a result, most airlines give them a make-up course to avoid ending up with a Kim Kardashian wearing the equivalent of a Sephora store on her face (but if you’re not a flight attendant, you do what you want of course).

13. Have loose hair

When you’re an air hostess, you wear the bun, that’s all. At least it avoids taking the lead three hours in the morning to know how to achieve a great brushing.

14. Have colored hair

By this, we mean eccentric colorations such as blue, red, green or tie-dye super contrasting.

15. Neglecting your teeth

Aircrew have to smile about every two seconds, so if someone’s got a snag less or teeth as yellow as a lemon, that’s a big no to hiring. Fortunately, after a few sessions at the dentist, it can be resolved, unlike the following point:

16. Being too small or too tall

Even if it varies according to the companies, the air hostesses must generally be between 1m60 and 1m78, while on the steward side, the range is between 1m70 and 1m90. Beyond 1m90, we understand that it is complicated to move in an airplane, on the other hand the rest is simple discrimination: the flight personnel must be beautiful according to the criteria of the companies. It’s hard, yes.

18. Beard

This point obviously concerns more the stewards, who, in most companies, are not allowed to wear beards, except possibly if they are very short and very well maintained. Or if it hides a big defect, like a scar or an unsightly mole. Attention huh, that does not mean that we find scars and moles unsightly, but the airlines do.

19. (Bonus) Flight attendants now have the right to get pregnant and marry whenever they want

In some companies, like Qatar Airways, you had to ask permission from the hierarchy before getting pregnant or getting married (what a horror). Fortunately, the company removed this ban in 2015. On the other hand, Qatar Airways stewardesses are still required to be picked up by a husband or male family member after work. Progress can still wait.

20. (Bonus 2) Until 1963, Air France stewardesses were not allowed to marry

Until that date, the hostesses of the company had to be between 22 and 32 years old, beautiful and above all single in the eyes of the Civil Status. Another era, yes.

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