Top 18 of the worst redneck expressions to talk about women, so it gauzes the girls?

Being handsome is an art. It’s not just about wearing a Ricard bucket hat and a mullet haircut while shouting “I have the cigar on my lips” or any other redneck phrase. No, being handsome is more than that. It is also giving women little nicknames to make them want to copulate without waiting. So these are some of the expressions to use to charm these young ladies and get them into your bed in thirty seconds. If with that, they don’t give everything to become your little wife and cook you good dishes while waiting for you at home, I understand R.

1. Girls

Degree of beauty: 110% because it’s about boobs lol, the big grouper.

The worst possible use: Well, the little chicks, they serve us a coffee or they continue to bayer crows?

2. Les zoulettes/Les zouzes

Degree of beauty: 50% because it’s coming back in force because of Gen Z. Who do they think they are, the youngsters there??

The worst possible use: Oh les zoulettes, you are taking part in the campsite’s wet t-shirt contest, I hope!

3. Girls

Degree of beauty: 70%, overused and very reminiscent of the sanitary napkin brand.

The worst possible use: So girls, we tan our wheels in the sun?

4. The good women

Degree of beauty: 1000%, we are clearly on the most beautiful nickname in the history of nicknames.

The worst possible use: No, but leave JP, the good women will take care of clearing the table.

5. The greluches

Degree of beauty: 140%, a nickname that exudes feminism.

The worst possible use: Well the greluches, we’re not going to spend the night there, we’ll take you home or not?

6. The nuggets

Degree of beauty: 60%, too much given to dogs frankly.

The worst possible use: So the pépettes, are they going on a little shopping session?

7. Turkeys

Degree of beauty: 75%, it’s true that they squeal loudly the little women anyway huh?

The worst possible use: They are going to shut up the turkeys in the background there, we would like to hear the match!

8. The Chicks/The Chicks

Degree of beauty: 130%, an effective and timeless classic.

The worst possible use: So girls, are there people on the balcony?

9. Misses/Mistinguette

Degree of beauty: 100%, made all the more scary when used on teenagers.

The worst possible use: Hi misses, so what’s it like tonight, we’re having a little drink with our friends when the guys aren’t there?

10. The bitches

Degree of beauty: 150%, a nickname that makes you not at all want to become an activist with the Femen, of course.

The worst possible use: Oh but you have to calm down the bitches, with your shitty feminism!

11. Raclis

Degree of beauty: 10%, not the one that most makes you want to buy dick-shaped glasses.

The worst possible use: Oklm, posed at the swimming pool with the raclis.

12. Bobonne

Degree of beauty: 135%, favorite expression of Éric Dupont-Moretti, a good and wise man, to be taken as an example 24 hours a day.

The worst possible use: Hey bobonne, you open a ptite binouze to me?

13. Gadjis

Degree of beauty: 65%, there’s a taste of gypsy cultural appropriation, isn’t it? Do more original than that.

The worst possible use: Would you like a little date at the Courtepaille ma gadji?

14. The maidens

Degree of beauty: 120%, an expression that was already having its effect in the Middle Ages.

The worst possible use: Hey ladies, get out of the field, there are some who would like to play for real.

15. Fillies

Degree of beauty: 95%, a nickname that makes you want to give birth at all costs.

The worst possible use: Ah bah Emily Ratajkowski is a good filly eh, I tell you!

16. Grandpa

Degree of beauty: 75% clearly inspires respect for women. On the verge of giving them equal pay tsais.

The worst possible use: Look at that grandpa with their sunglasses there and their Insta poses! Anything to get attention, I swear…

17. Pullets

Degree of beauty: 45%, still works but heard too much, it’s almost a normal nickname now.

The worst possible use: It’s hot today, we took out the little skirt I see the chicks!

18. Dolls

Degree of beauty: 180%, an objectification of the woman as we like it, congratulations to all.

The worst possible use: And the dolls, what will they eat, salad?

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