Top 18 infographics that will change your view of the world

It’s your lucky day. Well, especially if you like statistics. If you like toothpick airplane engine models, this is not your lucky day. Afterwards, maybe you’ll come across a great exhibition of model aircraft engines made of toothpicks, but it won’t be thanks to us. Because we are mainly going to show you lots of interesting statistics that will change your view of the world. It’s honestly much better than model aircraft engines made with toothpicks, even if we agree to debate it.

1. A short video to realize the speed of light

Seeing that, it looks like she’s not going that fast, but try to beat her in the race, you’ll see.

2. The difference in environmental impact between a Beyond Meat steak and a beef patty

The production of Beyond Meat (based on vegetable ingredients) consumes infinitely less water and emits 10 times less CO2 than beef steak. And besides, it’s good.

3. 2000 years of global temperatures in 20 seconds

Spoiler: industrialization is not crazy.

4. The age of DiCaprio’s chicks compared to his age

Apparently, for him, 25 is already too old. And the further it goes, the worse it gets.

5. The most used web browsers between 1995 and 2019

Yes, Internet Explorer has been the king for a very long time.

6. Tom Cruise doesn’t hang out with women over 33

At least they know what to expect.

7. Harry Potter characters’ screen time VS number of times they’re mentioned in the books

Lee Jordan and Bill Weasley have been victimized by the movies, they are totally underrepresented.

8. The time it will take a hacker to crack your password according to its length

Obviously, the more letters, numbers, capitals and special characters there are, the more difficult the password will be to hack. No surprise, then, but it’s still funny to see it in this form.

9. In blue, the states of the United States that have more cows than inhabitants

We already see you saying “bouseux”, but know that it is not nice.

10. Public opinion on homosexuality

As of 2013, people who think homosexuality is not a bad thing outnumber those who think homosexuality is a bad thing. Big victory for tolerance.

11. Covid-19 has killed more Americans than any armed conflict.

This stat doesn’t work with Europeans…

12. Comparison of the net worth of the 10 richest people in the world between March 2020 and January 2021

Conclusion: the rich have filled their pockets thanks to the Covid-19. Besides, if you want to continue to bader, we have other depressing information on inequalities in the world in 2021.

13. Console sales from 2002 to 2021

They manage Nintendo a lot anyway.

14. The impact of smartphones on the camera industry

Quite logically, no one buys a camera anymore since those on phones have become crazy.

15. The percentage of people who believe in ghosts according to their level of education

Conclusion: the more you study, the less you believe in this ghost bullshit.

16. The answers when you ask 100 people to choose a number between 1 and 10

Why the 7? What’s your theory?

17. The number of toilet paper rolls used per person per year

Americans spend their time in the toilet where they use 50 sheets to wipe themselves?

18. The composition of the lyrics of Around The World by Daft Punk


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