Top 18 heroes of our youth that we didn’t calculate, but who are actually super sexy

You certainly visualize sexy cartoon characters and sexy historical figures very well (don’t be like, we burned you). But do you see who these seriously hot characters are that we didn’t give a damn about when we were watching it when we were young? To fuck all your childhood memories, we put our favorites just below, even if we could have put approximately 500 others.

PS: if you don’t agree with the Scavo twins from Desperate Housewives, I don’t care, I’ll pass the ring on to them.

1. Charlie Swan, Bella’s father in Twilight

Too caught up in the raging debate to decide between Edward and Jacob, we forgot to take a look at Charlie Swan. A few years later, after having rewatched the films “for fun” (nothing to do with the fact that they are our favorite films…), we realized that Bella’s father was quite a handsome boy. Werewolves and other vampires can go get dressed.


2. Jack Bolton, Troy’s father in High School Musical

But how could we have a crush on Troy when Jack Bolton, his daron, was much hotter? Well maybe he was 40 and a bit bossy. But still…

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3. Michaëla Quinn in Dr Quinn, female doctor

Too busy worrying about the lives of the people of Colorado Springs at the end of the 19th century, we forgot to note that Dr. Quinn was damn good-natured. So the girl is beautiful, smart, talented and hard-working… It’s okay, doesn’t seem like she’s perfect otherwise? Do we bother?


4. Eddie Doling dans Dawson

At the time when we were watching this incredible series, we wanted at all costs that Joey left this big boob to get back together with Pacey (with whom she had already separated approximately 50 times). And yet, in hindsight, she clearly should have stayed with Eddie who, in addition to being a sacred bomb, was mims and benevolent. What the fuck did you do Joey??


5. The math teacher in LOL

Inevitably, when we were 12 years old and watching LOL, we especially had a big crush on Maël, or Arthur at the limit. But we carrait well the ass of the maths teacher who for us was only a bit boring guy much too old to flirt with teenagers. Whereas a decade later… We would clearly not say no to him flirting with us.

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6. Max Regnery in Grand Galop

I don’t think I ever admitted it to myself because I was too small, but if I’ve always wanted to go horse riding, it’s certainly because of this guy. Today I would learn to tame ponies so that he would talk to me.

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7. The Porter and Preston twins in Desperate Housewives

It’s hard to see them as missiles when you’ve known them as horrible 8-year-old monsters with the whole neighborhood. But if we look twice, we would have liked to go to high school with these two finally… Just to see what… Admit anyway!


8. Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter

So yes, you’re going to tell me that Bellatrix is ​​a big bitch who totally fucked the chips when we were kids. But ultimately, wouldn’t that be what gives it its charm? You don’t want her to whisper spells in your ear, do you?


9. Mary Poppins

We really wanted Mary Poppins to be our nanny when our ungrateful darons were stalling us in front of this film one Christmas evening. But today, we would rather like to take it easy by cleaning our room well to charm her.

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10. Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean

I know, Jack Sparrow is a little grubby and that’s certainly what gave him that cool adventurous side that we loved so much when we were 8 years old. Today, it’s a bit what makes us vibrate, even if we’re ashamed to admit it. Don’t judge, we know that you too would like to be kidnapped on his boat.

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11. Susan in The Chronicles of Narnia

Imagine my surprise when I realized that the actress from Lola de Reign was actually the weirdest sister in Narnia. But the state of shock, I’m not telling you! My look immediately changed on her person when in fact, well she was mashallah from the beginning. It was right in front of us and we didn’t see it!!


12. Richard in Friends

Joey, Chandler and Rachel were way too much on our minds to notice the old hunks around. And yet. What a nugget we were missing. Today, I would give a lot for him to redo my mouth wall.

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13. Skills in The Brothers Scott

With all the bg we had available in Les Frères Scott, we didn’t watch Skills at all, which was above all a big boob who was bullied by life. But when you put on your glasses to rewatch the series ten years later, you bitterly regret this choice.

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14. Lucile, the mother in the Pirate Family

She was like a mother to us back then. In the old way… Now we would give a lot for her to be above all the mother of our children.


15. Liliane in Household Scenes

I admit that I didn’t think one day of putting our national Lili in this top, I who already saw her going crazy at lunchtime when I came home from school. But we must admit, it has its place here (and we are quite jealous of José).

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16. Theresa Tusso, the mom in Wizards of Waverly Place

Very nice performance for this somewhat secondary character who passed in our hearts from the ultra cool mom to the woman of our life. Yes, yes and I am weighing my words.

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17. Jim Carrey dans The Mask

Don’t ask me, just look with an adult eye and you’ll understand.

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18. Mendoza in The Mysterious Cities of Gold

But I had shit in my eyes or something, to be in love with Esteban and Zia when I had MENDOZA right next door. So much wasted time…


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