Top 18 Funny Tweets About Group Projects Worst Graduate Stuff

The nice thing about end-of-year exams and the dissertation is that if you mess up, you can only blame yourself, because you’re alone in this great adventure. While for group work, you have to beat each other’s egos, their shitty ideas and especially their laziness to work if there are other people to do the job for them. Beautiful moments in our schooling, let it be said.

1. Ui ui ui

2. Group projects at university:

4. How group projects generally work

5. Nobody will see anything tqt

6. You are never better served than by yourself

8. I imagine polyamorous as group projects where one person inevitably does all the work.

9. Rather there to set the mood, we’re not going to lie to each other

10. A real implicit pact

11. When you don’t do anything in the group project but still get an A

12. With pleasure to help

13. This pandemic is the worst group project I have ever participated in in my entire life.

15. You really have to stop

17. Always there to help others

18. Being helpful is my first quality.

Whatever happens, know that in my heart you are all 20/20.

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