Top 18 Funny Concert Tweets I Want To See Everyone With Their Hands Up

Come on, admit it, you too have had the best time of your life in front of the concerts of Henri Des, Sexion D’Assault and Christophe Maé. We saw the videos, don’t lie. But you’re right, because with or without stylish concert arrivals, we always have a great time. Topiteuuuurs, are you there at this sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much good?

1. The choice is quickly made

2. “Did it hurt you? When did you watch your concert videos and hear yourself sing?”

4. Queen

7. Ouch

8. And pia pia pia, and pia pia pia

9. The Scandal

10. The scientific proof is before our eyes

11. I would sell my sister even

12. ???

13. Beethoven in concert, who’s hot??

14. Oh no he’s upset

15. What a good memory of the 2022 presidential elections (no)

16. A Really Beautiful Person

17. Can he adopt your father for us?

18. You must have validated your license with a teacher like that

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