Top 18 Funniest Tweets About HPI, Unbearable High Potential

There are times in life when you realize your child isn’t gifted, like when they stick their boogers in electrical outlets or pull their t-shirts up the sleeve. But don’t worry, it’s not so bad that he doesn’t have high intellectual potential, because otherwise he would risk being mocked by tweeters who have a lot to say about the famous “zebras”. And we don’t wish that on your offspring, even if these tweets are very funny on the laughter scale.

1. The best in its field

2. It makes sense

3. But everyone is HPI Marina

4. Aloooors ?

5. This country, really…

6. Just an impression

7. Ok, there’s no doubt about it

8. Ah bravo the gifted

9. Hell on Earth

10. Fairly plausible

11. These experts really suck…

12. It’s a lot for one person anyway

13. There must have been warning signs…

14. Reply @emmanuelmacron ??

15. Hey, why??

16. So cute these little HPIs

18. Couldn’t Be Clearer

And you, what is your intelligence quotient? Me, it’s 54, but since it’s a multiple of 27, that seems pretty neat to me.

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