Top 18 famous mascots when they first appeared vs today

Times change said Bob Dylan, and in a way he wasn’t completely wrong, that jerk. Things are changing and with them mores, fashions, mentalities and the number of sauces found in fast foods. With this we can also see the mascots of known brands change, as well as the cartoon characters from their creation to today and we invite you to see some examples.

1. Mickey Mouse

Look at this face, it’s not possible, fortunately they redesigned it because he has a lustful look and it’s disturbing.

Picture credits: Disney
” cc=”” url=”630px logo disney co. Svg

2. The Michelin Man

He was downright super scary, he looks like a terrifying gang leader while his latest design is very cool and makes you want to bounce on it like on a bouncy castle.

Picture credits: Michelin

3. Mr Propre

True to form, he wears a shaved head, bulging muscles, snow-white eyebrows and a ring in his ear. A kind of household superhero after all.

Mr. Clean 1957
Picture credits: Mr Propre

4. The Laughing Cow

She looks alike, she seems perky and playful, everything we expect from a mascot for cheese according to a super serious study. It still works, even after 100 years (yeah, she’s getting old lady).

Affiche vachequirit
Picture credits: Laughing cow

5. Les M&M’s

An eventful evolution from their first very creepy designs to their little faces of today that we want to bite into and which melts in our mouths.

6. Tony, the Kellogg’s tiger

Everything was already there, the colors, the red bandana, the pronounced appetite for cereals… He just got a little Disney style makeover and it suits him just as well.

Picture credits: Kellogg’s
Picture credits: Kellogg’s

7. The Duracell Bunny

At first it was simply an electric toy the mascot, then over the years it became an animated image mascot, because that’s what works with young people now. Young people who love batteries.

Picture credits: Duracell

8. Monsieur Monopoly

Overall there’s a bit of a joke about him, it’s the same, we just added colors but we kept the same costume. Not even the small fancy to fuck him in jogging, no risk.

Images 2
Picture credits: Hasbro
Picture credits: Hasbro

9. Ramses the Green Light Cat

In the beginning it was just a real cat, so the most beautiful and noble animal in the world, but an animal that overall has nothing to do with its master as long as he feeds it. Then they grabbed the budget for Avatar and went all out to make an animated version of it.

Picture credits: Green light
Picture credits: Green light

10. The Cetelem guy

Once again we just have a slightly crappy drawing change to an almost as crappy 3D model. Did you know his name is Credito? Another mascot whose name we do not know.

11. Nesquik

Look at him, we called him Grosquik at the time. But a big yellow man who eats chocolate powder is not a great seller, so we decided to make a fun and slender little rabbit.

Picture credits: Nestlé

12. The Frog Smacks

He was almost cuter in the old days, less crazy and full of hallucinogenic drugs like he has now. For once I prefer the old design.

Picture credits: Kellogg’s
Picture credits: Kellogg’s

13. Ronald McDonalds

No, but that’s not possible, it’s just creepy, even the killer clown in That makes you want to go eat a burger more than this guy. Already the clowns globally we can say that it is not seller.

14. Malabar

I just found out that Malabar’s mascot was now a cat, no kidding, what the hell is this? Since when do we change people’s landmarks without consulting them?

Picture credits: Malabar

15. The Colonel of KFC

The same ganache, the same friendly air. Want to eat fried chicken with him and hear his stories about old America.

630px kfc logo. Svg
Credits photo : Studio Tesser

16. Crustbatt

OH MY GOD, a cartoon mascot that becomes an animated image mascot is unheard of, really a good idea. Can’t wait to see their next release.

Picture credits: I’m sorry
Picture credits: I’m sorry

17. Butagaz Bear

There at least it’s original, we replaced a drawing with a puppet and it has the merit of being ambitious. Then he looks nice this little bear, even if I still have not captured the link between bears and gas.

Picture credits: Butagaz
Picture credits: Butagaz

18. Green Giant

Ok he always made me feel uncomfortable, why does he need to sell corn if he’s just a giant living in the fields? What is its need for monetary exchange? You have to think before creating a brothel mascot.

Picture credits: Green Giant
Picture credits: Green Giant

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