Top 18 everyday objects that are too poorly designed, we hate them

I tell you I can’t take it anymore… I can’t take it anymore that we pay people to design objects and who do their job badly enough so that the objects in the end are useless and we can’t even use them correctly. Join us in hatred and suffering.

1. Umbrellas that pop in two seconds as soon as you unfold them

For me the only image of an umbrella is this:

Shutterstock 1754209526

2. Sunglasses that still let the sun shine through

So in fact, if I understand correctly, these stupid glasses are useless in fact?

3. Duvet covers

What is the household chore you hate the most and why is it changing the duvet cover?

4. Silicone toilet brushes

What a bad idea this object that always leaves traces behind.

5. Non-Teflon pans

OK, we’ve all been traumatized since we knew that Teflon is carcinogenic, but since we’ve been using pans without Teflon, we’ve seen that it was sticking everywhere, it was too much shit and that we’d rather have cancer than doing the dishes.

6. Sponges that turn gross in three days

I don’t understand how we had the idea of ​​inventing a household object with such a limited lifespan.

Topito infographies cycles vaisselle

7. The tubes of toothpaste that we use correctly for a week…

…and we spend eight months wrapping tightly to extract the contents.

8. Juice bottles that go all over the place if you don’t do it the right way

And which make little gurgles that overflow there.

Joker jus de fruit

9. Very small socks to look like you don’t have socks but in fact they don’t fit

After two minutes it rolls underfoot, frankly it’s not a life.

10. The tancarvilles that can’t stand up

And which serve above all as a cat tree.

11. The shoe cabinet that creates even more mess

I hate this piece of furniture. I wish him all the harm.

12. Ultra-light computers that you can take anywhere but anyway as soon as you’re outside you can’t see anything on your screen

But damn it. What did Steve Jobs do?

13. Gourds with a too big neck

And suddenly we don’t care about water everywhere but damn you are aware that we don’t have enough water on the planet anymore???

14. Soap dispensers that have soap stuck all the time and squirt all over you by surprise.

Afterwards, don’t be surprised if you wash your hands with crushed glass.

15. Salad spinners that are either too boring to use or too flimsy

And anyway we never eat salad, it sucks as food.

16. The maple syrup bottles with the little handle that’s impossible to grab

Like the Canadians, they have mini fingers, you have to stop taking us for hams.

Sirop d erable bio 250 ml jean herve

17. Tubes of cream with a pump where there’s always a ton left at the bottom when you think the tube is finished

We are clearly on a logistical failure.

18. The packets of flour, no matter how careful you open it, you always don’t care everywhere

And if you walk around with a bag of flour that you drop out of your pocket in front of the cops, you’re sure to get arrested. This product is super dangerous.

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