Top 18 Comiclicious Illustrations, The Truth About Life

Hello my little peanut creams, today we found you a superb illustrator, Liv, who tells us about her life, her anxiety attacks and her daily life with a delectable humor. A beautiful person whom we invite you to follow straight away on Insta” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>comiclicious. thanks to Boredpanda for this divine suggestion.

1. Wearing your boyfriend’s sweatshirt: expectations VS realities

” It’s okay with me ?? »

2. When thighs come together, pant legs feel lonely

3. RDV in the afterlife

“– Until death do us part… – But then? »

“- So I guess now we’re single… – Yeah. – Would you like a coffee one of these four?

4. The Trap

I have to pee… what the… IS IT A TRAP?

5. When I draw a smile:

My face :

6. Two minutes reading a book

Will I be…better than everyone else?

7. I will quickly take a look at social networks

A minute later… GIVE ME MORE CONTENT.

8. No vrai how

– Hey, how about we do something fun for the weekend?

“You mean like…sleep?”

9. The Real Question

– Whoa, won’t I have a boost of self-confidence? Or just won’t I just give a fuck?

10. Me, enjoying my one good week of the month

Anxiety: BOOH!

11. Shuffle mode when you listen to be like music:

12. Watch a movie in bed

When the movie starts:

13. What you see VS what you don’t see

14. The only friend who truly supports you

15. Send memes

Expectations: “Look at this reels! » V.S. Reality: “aled”.

16. Client Trauma

– Good coffee – Thank you too!

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