Top 17 Worst Bullshit You’ve Never Admitted To Your Parents

Our relationship with our parents is certainly made of love but it is above all composed of 98% lies. You do not believe me ? However, it will have sufficed simple post on facebook and on Twitter to loosen tongues.

1. Cat revenge will be terrible

Our analysis : I’ve been telling you for so long that children are bloodthirsty monsters thirsty for violence in addition to drooling and shitting everywhere.

2. It’s lousy for culture support

Our analysis : at the same time she had to get the ball when she saw that for 50 euros you had nabbed The Imaginary Invalid secondhand while reeking of cold tobacco, right?

3. OK that’s genius

Our analysis : it’s not good to lie but there frankly we can only admire this beautiful shot skillfully brought.

4. Fuck me the hell

Our analysis : and then we wonder how there can still be a prescription for this kind of crime…

5. How to deal with informers

Our analysis : no, but just imagine the level of vileness (cedric?) of the newspaper vendor who finds himself the thief of a child’s pool bag. It’s silly too, every time the swimsuit didn’t fit her.

6. Go empty your bag my friend

Our analysis : and say we euthanized the dog for all that bullshit. It must be said that he was also accused of finishing the bottles of pinard and selling hash after high school…

7. Thank you naivety

Our analysis : it’s a lot easier to bullshit your parents when there’s a breeding ground for gullibility.

8. We are all the same in the face of shame

Our analysis : We’ve all had a shit with our computer because of a stupid blunder. Slide it, drop a glass of water on it, use it to wedge a door… But gnawed by shame we will NEVER recognize our mistakes.

9. Make-ups

Our analysis : here is another good packet of tunes spent unnecessarily.

Connerie 1

10. Great trauma for train passengers

Our analysis : we don’t talk enough about infantile exhibition. One of the worst evils of society.

Connerie 2

11. When you lose control over your mytho

Our analysis : eight years old and already a very strong capacity for maximum annoyance.

Connerie 3

12. Lying is good, lying well is better

Our analysis : I would have liked to see the faces of the parents when they saw the thermometer display 89°.

Connerie 4

13. The art of good two

Our analysis : it’s ugly but if it can give a little popularity to plastic arts classes, it’s nice.

Connerie 5

14. Spy Hamster

Our analysis : the real question is why this child wanted to put her hamster in her parents’ room, what was her plan?

Connerie 7

15. It’s good to go to confession one day

Our analysis : even me it hurt me this confession.

Connerie 8

16. I can hear his nervousness from here

Our analysis : it’s not very serious but it can create a lot of guilt at the time, we avoid the trial for you but you will still make me 17 years of Sunday calls to your father to catch up with you.

Connerie 6

17. Amen


Connerie 9

Thanks to the collection of your personal data, I obtained the postal addresses of all your parents to whom I immediately send a copy of this top.

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