Top 17 funny tweets about bills, it hurts the heart and the wallet

The good thing about being in your twenties is that you discover active life and adult life. The bad thing about being in your twenties is discovering all the vices of that age. Yes, because we can say that at 20, we have the world in front of us, at 20, we also have the beginning of the bills to pay. Something we would have preferred never to discover, after all.

1. The demon of my sleep paralysis

2. I want to know, it’s for a friend

3. Next

4. So Well Said

5. I take note

6. So life really has no meaning?

7. Best city in France

8. Spin the change

9. I just paid two bills in a row

10. When does it stop?

11. No, but that’s the costs abroad…

12. It’s shameful

13. Almost as long as the leaflet for the female pill

15. Banks, those scams!!

17. Give me his number actually

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