Top 16 world maps that are depressing

Life isn’t just made up of instructive world maps, it’s also made up of horribly depressing world maps and that’s good because that’s the subject of our top.

1. Countries where police do not carry weapons

2. China emits as much as this part of the world

3. The legality of homosexuality around the world

4. The number of official exorcists by country

5. States where you can deport someone for being gay or trans

6. The level of corruption in the world

7. Countries that have a gun on their flag

8. The number of American adults who think global warming won’t affect them

9. Countries that Russia does not consider cronies

10. Elon Musk is richer than these countries

11. If the United States were divided according to the level of wealth

12. Where the super rich live in the world

13. Population distribution in Australia

14. The number of nuclear tests since 1945

15. The highest temperatures recorded

16. The legality of spanking children

And do you prefer world maps or blue maps?

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