Top 16 things to remember from the latest episode of Married at First Sight Season 6 Episode 2

1. Bruno’s sister is ruining her brother’s wedding

Wow but what does Carine do to us?? She goes to see Alicia’s friend to tell him that Bruno is demanding and that he has a bad temper, and she does it again 10 minutes later with Alicia herself. In fact, she really wants to ruin her brother’s marriage? We have to intervene there.

Capture mapr 2

“On the other hand, I have to warn you, Bruno is demanding and boring and he never raises the toilet seat”

2. Yes Carine, we understood that you were Taurus

Carine “I am a bull, eh, I have a strong character”

Carine 5 seconds later: “On the other hand, I’m a bull, don’t forget it”

Carine 10 seconds later: “EH OH I AM TAURUS LOOK AT ME”

3. Pesquel called Axel for an important announcement

“Hello it’s Pesquel, you’re merry Gibrelter”

Not understood.

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“Axel, now you are going to tell me where you stashed my orange shirt otherwise it will suck”

4. We had the fastest dress fitting in history

“Hello, I would like an eco-responsible and ethical dress”

“Hold on to this one”

“Okay I’ll take it”

Hyper efficient Carolina

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“We tell him or not that in real life the dress is not at all ethical? »

5. Estelle played too much with Emilie’s emotions

“Émilie, are you sure you want to do the show? »

« Oui »

” Really ? »

« Oui »

“Well, we found you nobody. »

« Ah… »

“Nah come on I’m kidding we have someone”

« Oh »

“But he lives in the depths of Patagonia and does not speak a word of French”

Capture mapr 5

6. Carine ruined the atmosphere of the wedding

Normally, a good speech makes everyone cry with joy. There, Carine made everyone cry with sadness while scaring away the bride, her mother and her best man. Well done Carine, you really know how to host a wedding.

7. Carine and astrology: the return

Carine : “She is bull your wife”

Bruno : ” So what ? »


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Bruno is the best brother in the world, he even replaces your handkerchiefs

8. Axel is the king of fun and humor

Axel : “I want her to see my socks and tell herself that she won’t be bored”

A real jerk, this guy.

Capture mapr 8


9. Fred wants boobs

Fred : “Hello I am looking for a big chest”

We have rarely seen someone so sincere. It’s nice.

Capture mapr 9

Fred will make us dream, that’s for sure

10. Carine is better

The magic of champagne.

Capture mapr 10 2

great time

11. FINALLY the first blue suit of the season

We were starting to worry so thank you Axel. On the other hand, the two dog stuffed animals were compulsory?

Capture mapr 11

“And wait mom you haven’t seen my socks yet MDRRRR”

12. Caro’s friends talk a lot

They comment just like us in front of our TV except that they are really at the wedding and everyone can hear them. They had perhaps forgotten that there were 12 microphones around them and that Axel was not even 3 meters away.

Capture mapr 12

“Don’t you think he’s little Axel? “EH OH I HEAR YOU HUH”

13. And that’s the drama.

“Caroline hates blue suits”

But why did she participate in the TV show where there are the most blue suits in the world???? It’s incomprehensible.

14. There’s a big difference in feeling

Axel : “I think it’s love at first sight”

Caroline : “He’s small and I don’t like him”

Caroline’s shaman mother: “WE GET OUT OF HERE”

AIE Aie Aie.

Capture mapr 13

When your mother-in-law looks at you like that you know it’s crazy


Last week we had the right to see the “yes” from Alicia and Bruno, but this time the production leaves us well marinated to know if Caro is going to give Axel a huge rake or not. It’s going to be far too long until next week. We’re not going to hold out.

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