Top 16 things that have been put off the longest

We humans (title of my next book) like to put things off too much for later because we’re lazy. We use a whole bunch of techniques to procrastinate when it’s better to immediately implement the good resolutions and other necessary actions. That’s why we end up with a lot of stuff that we’ve been putting off for far too long.

1. Stopping the time change

We have been told for several years “the end of the time change is coming soon” or “come on this time it’s the last”, but in the end absolutely nothing changes. We continue to hit nights at 4 p.m. in winter and an old time change in March that makes us lose an hour of sleep. Glad it stops. One day.

Topito vs luminosite changement heure

2. Switching to green energy

MDR as if governments and companies were going to decide one day to make less profit to do more ecology. THE GOOD JOKE. I GAUGHTER. Watch: AHAHAHAH.

3. That moment when you’re going back to the room

Come on, let’s be honest, that’s never gonna happen.

Shopping vs salle de sport 2

4. This moment when you will cancel your subscription to the room

Come on, let’s be honest, that’s never gonna happen.

5. The call to your grandparents to wish them a happy new year

It’s already January 19.

Rp mamie pc

6. Total ban on neonicotinoids

I learned this word today so I wanted to place it. Basically it’s very dirty insecticides that destroy the nervous system of harmful insects BUT ALSO of all the bees that are essential to the ecosystem. Basically, it’s good big shit, and its ban keeps getting pushed back.

7. The total baldness of Jean-François Copé

At some point you have to stop clinging and agree to say goodbye to hair, JF.

8. Clean laundry to fold

What’s the point of bending it when you’re going to end up wearing it anyway?

9. Sarko in jail

But we can always dream.

Topito vs sarkozy

10. This book you want to write but hey, I just have to find the time…

“I’m sure that if I put my mind to it I’ll write a great book but right now I’m too busy. »

11. The moment we realize we’ve gone a bit too far with this pollution story

Oh yeah I’m not afraid to swing me.

Voyage infographies cercles avion pollution 1

12. The day you will regularize your “omission” on your tax return from 2 years ago

Part of you thinks it’s good, they’ll end up forgetting you, but it’s really bad knowledge of taxes. Hurry up and fix this before it goes wrong.

13. This dentist appointment

She is still starting to have a bad mouth this cavity.

Topito bulle dentiste

14. Metro improvements in Lille and Rennes

In Lille, it is the trains that have had to be extended since the dawn of time, and in Rennes it is the new line that will never arrive. Good luck dear inhabitants of these two beautiful cities.

15. Breaking up with your boyfriend

Good go, we ken one last time and then I leave him. But he’s still good. We’ll see next month.

Topito infographies diagrammes rupture bouffe 2

16. Remove the bits of yucky nail polish left on your nails

‘Cause you’ve been looking like a big jerk for two weeks.

17. (Bonus) The release of this top

It was originally supposed to be released in 2016…

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