Top 16 phrases to deter a mosquito from biting you

If, despite all your mosquito protection, one of these pieces of garbage manages to find its way into your room, you only have two options left: bust its mouth out properly, or open a dialogue with him. The idea is to argue to convince him to give up his desire to revel in your blood. With these few sentences, you will be able to avoid violence and resolve this conflict in peace.

1. The Bad Taste Argument:

“I’ve been eating sauerkraut all day so you’re really not going to enjoy it my friend”

2. They win the argument:

“I put a steak on my bedside table, if you want to eat you hit it but you leave me alone ok? »

Rp repas etudiant v2 1

3. The sexually transmitted argument:

“I haven’t been tested since 2013. Do what you want but in your place I wouldn’t touch it. »

4. The Threatening Argument:

“You touch me, I’m setting up a nest of Asian hornets in the bedroom. I’m not kidding myself. »

Topito vs moustique 1

5. L’argument crado :

“If you manage to sting me, you’ve managed to pierce the layer of filth that covers my body. Honestly… Respect. »

6. The really dirty argument:

“Do you really want to drink the blood of a Francis Lalanne fan? »

Moustique fenetre

7. L’argument woke :

” Oh yeah ? Are you still drinking blood in 2022? But actually evolves a bit. »

8. The culinary argument:

“Have you tried the Orangina? Better than blood, really”

Topito rp roi lion moustique

9. L’argument transpi :

“I just ran a marathon and I didn’t take a shower, are you sure? »

10. L’argument mytho :

“You are fine in my room but I am not available at the moment, please leave a message after the beep…”

Topito legende moustiques loki 2

11. The denunciatory argument:

“My neighbor is diabetic, you will enjoy yourself much more at his place. Here, I’ll show you the way: you go out the window, you turn right for 2 meters, and then it’s just right. And tell him to give me back my drill while you’re at it. »

12. The Empowering Argument:

“Do you realize that if all the mosquitoes started doing the same thing as you, the world would go to hell? Come on, get out of here and think for a bit. »

Topito bulle moustique 2

13. The nostalgic argument:

“Watch out, you’ll swallow the Magic Bus”

14. L’argument adulte :

“Bzzz bzzz bzzz no but I can do it too actually. Grow a little. »

Sp vs moustique buffet

15. L’argument #MeToo :

“And does consent mean anything to you otherwise?” Go go home before I show you. »

16. The health argument:

“I have the Covid. But go ahead and have fun…”

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