Top 16 photos of stars who disappeared if they were still around

“It is not dying that we must fear, but growing old” as Presnel Kimpembe said after each training session with AS Éragny. His teammates then ran after him to make him eat grass, because they had not understood the deep meaning of this sentence. Neither do I. I just thought it sounded good to introduce this top where you’re going to see stars aged by AIs. But not just any stars: stars who left too soon and whom we would have liked to see grow old. Be careful, it’s a bit moving.

1. Heath Ledger

Not sure he would have chosen this hairstyle, but in any case it would have been super classy.

2. Lady Diana

Looks like a rich mother-in-law judging you for making less than 50K a year, but she still looks so classy.

630px diana%2c princess of wales 1997 %282%29
Credits photo (CC BY-SA 2.0) : John Mathew Smith & from Laurel Maryland, USA (Archived link)

3. Freddie Mercury

He looks like the coolest grandpa in the history of grandpas (and the history of grandpas is long).

4. Ayrton Senna

The king of the vroom vroom, which however did not have an aerodynamic face.

Ayrton senna pesawat rc cropped
Credits photo (CC BY 2.0) : File:Ayrton Senna 2.jpg: Instituto Ayrton Senna

5. Tupac Shakur

He would be 51 in 2022, and maybe he would do some feats with Biglo and Oli, who knows?

6. John Lennon

If you want my opinion, it is much better when it is old.

7. Amy Winehouse

There’s a good rehab that’s been there.

8. Paul Walker

So apparently it’s possible to be even more BG than the young Paul Walker.

630px paulwalkermar09
Credits photo (CC BY-SA 3.0) : Andre Luis at

9. Jimi Hendrix

He’s got a head judging you because you can’t even play the guitar with your teeth.

10. Janis Joplin

She didn’t miss the 27 club and she would be 79 today. It’s not pretty the heroine.

11. Bruce Lee

If he had trained until he was 82, the guy would be able to break your collarbone with a sheet of PQ.

12. Patrick Swayze

Already 13 years he’s been on the other side, surely wiggling with Fred Astaire and Joséphine Baker.

13. Marilyn Monroe

It is still really well preserved for someone who would soon have 100 brooms.

14. Michael Jackson

Well, that’s if he hadn’t gone to the end of his bleaching, and frankly it’s very believable.

15. Sid Vicious

Given the lifestyle of the bassist of the Sex Pistols, he would have had no chance of arriving until 2022, but we can try to imagine it anyway.

16. Elvis Presley

But not too strong.


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