Top 16 of Vinted’s biggest dorks, episode 16

Hello fashionistas! I hope you had a good October, just like the suckers at Vinted who took advantage of their free time to bust everyone’s nuts. But me, it allows me to lay you a funny top so I whisper a thank you full of gratitude. Come on, let’s move on right away with these moments of bliss.

1. Indeed, it will be complicated

2. Not sure if you want to buy it all of a sudden

4. You don’t have to be frustrated like that

5. Hey ho, what is this judgment?

7. Definitely a Taurus to be so stubborn

8. Want to embalm my house

10. Well listen, sorry for you but uh…

11. State satisfying my ass

12. Want to wear these earrings on the day of my funeral

13. No need for translation

14. A person happy to live anyway

15. You really have to stop

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