Top 16 of the worst photos taken by delivery people, here the tip

Good….day… excuse me I am out of breath, I have just done 5 minutes of Vélib. Never again will I ride the bike. Never again will I move from my home. I’m going to have everything delivered to me now and never tip delivery people because I’m the worst thing humanity does (after Nagui). The delivery people will hate me, but they can at least take my picture and add me to the top you have in front of you. Now that I’ve told you all about my life, let’s get to it: here are pictures of lousy stuff taken by delivery guys.

1. His first day as a delivery boy at Dominos

2. The queue made up only of delivery people waiting for their order to be delivered

It looks like hell on earth. Well, not as much as the plateau of Don’t forget the lyrics presented by Nagui, but not far.

3. Flippant

“I saw this on my mail round today. There are many reasons why your postman might not deliver your package, and here is one of them. I can handle a dog, but not a dog with an axe. »

4. It’s a bit misleading indeed

The delivery man found himself faced with two doors, except that one of them was a mirror, and he got caught in the face.

5. Oops, wrong time

The delivery guy had to take a photo to prove he had delivered the order, but the customer walked out at the same time.

6. Apparently they want contactless delivery

“Leave the delivery on the floor please” (in three languages)


“Deliveries: We always choose contactless delivery. I mean, if it feels good to stand outside knocking for 5 minutes, hey, we won’t be ashamed. Don’t get mad because we don’t open the door. »

7. He’ll take the stairs instead

“If the elevator stops moving, give it a little jump, it should start moving again”

8. A day that starts well

9. It makes you want to ring just for laughs

“Please don’t ring the bell, dogs are very annoying. »

10. He ended up with a huge grocery delivery and only got a $2.5 tip.

11. Does it pay to be a delivery man?

Total for the order: $3.71 (including $0.1 tip, youhou)

12. The con client, of which there are many

_ Hello, your order is in front of the door

_ Thanks. I heard you, but next time you can text or call when you drop off the food.

_ I did it.


He has to deliver a certain “Hannibal L.” at the top of the stairs. Not super reassuring.

14. The half tip

He got that as a tip for a 20 mile delivery. One more like that and it’ll give him a real tip.

Ah, look, a top of the worst tips ever left.

15. His GPS sent him down a rotten path while delivering in the middle of town.

You have to have good thighs when you’re a bicycle delivery man.

16. It’s supposed to ring at number 16

I’ll let you look, personally I’m going to bed.

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