Top 16 of the best tweets on the sofa, this piece of furniture where we spend a little too much time on Sundays

If you’re not in bed to read these words, it’s probably because your ass is screwed into the cushions of your couch and you’re enjoying life. Because the sofa, regardless of our age, always brings great happiness to those who use it, whether to watch Christmas movies, fornicate or laugh heartily in front of Topito tops. Tribute to the one who, despite his lack of armrests and his slightly soft seat, fills us with happiness on a daily basis.

1. These people also have ice cream makers

2. Obviously, this is where the water takes 15 years to dry up.

3. Thank you home

4. And my fiber??

5. Authentic quality

6. Always the same ones who take first place in the heart of the family

7. No, we don’t spend weekends at all in pilou-pilou on our sofa, crying in front of movies while eating pizza

8. What is this sorcery?

9. La Star Ac’, it actually happens here

10. The best moments of my life

11. Possible to swap it with a tuna sushi costume?

12. So Many Unanswered Questions

13. This is what happens when you are packed in Quebec

14. Did she sing the Internationale afterwards?

16. Tope-is !

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