Top 16 moments when we cried the most in Desperate Housewives, tears of salt

I hope you have a good reserve of tear fluid, because I warn you, you will shed all the tears in your body as you immerse yourself in these moments sadder than the sadness that we owe to Desperate Housewives, this series that we like a little too much to see again. Don’t look, I won’t give you tissues, I used them all while writing this top.

1. When Bree learns of Rex’s death

First big cry during episode 23 of season 1: when Bree learns on the phone from Doctor Craig that Rex did not survive his heart attack and that he died. We start by thinking that she is going to mourn in silence when we see her mechanically tidying up her dining room, but she ends up breaking down and screaming in pain. And it’s heartbreaking, nothing more, nothing less. Good introduction.

2. When Susan runs after Mike’s car in a wedding dress

Another very traumatic moment in episode 6 of season 2: when Mike learns that Susan gave money to Zach so that he breaks up in Utah. While she’s completely visualizing herself at the altar with Mike, he stabs her for betraying him. And we’ll admit it, whether we like Susan or not, the moment she runs behind Mike’s car in a wedding dress to convince him not to abandon her broke our hearts.

3. When Gabrielle lets the balloon fly away after her miscarriage

Following her miscarriage after falling down the stairs upon discovering Caleb Applewhite in her house, Gaby struggles to recover from this drama. Carlos therefore hires a man to accompany him in his mourning. Well, at the start, Gaby thinks that this guy wants to kill her (go figure why). But in episode 8 of season 2, he ends up giving her a balloon representing the spirit of the child so that she can free herself from this weight. And frankly, this sequence BROKEN us IN TWO!

4. When Carlos and Gabrielle have their adopted baby taken away

I want to cry ! Remember that moment when Gabrielle and Carlos think they will finally be able to start a family with Lily, the baby they adopted. They were all cute, all mims until, in episode 20 of season 2, the police came knocking on the door of their home to take the baby back, his mother Libby wanting to recover the child. Gaby’s cries when Lily is taken from her are heartbreaking. First the miscarriage and now this??? It’s too much !

5. When Bree leaves Andrew by the side of the road

Very heartbreaking, but above all horrible moment, lived during episode 21 of season 2. When Bree discovers that Andrew slept with Peter, his godfather of alcoholics anonymous who has problems with sexual addiction, she decides to leave her son at a gas station, as she is no longer able to fight him. Even though Andrew was absolutely awful to her, he doesn’t deserve this fate and his teary little eyes clearly broke our hearts.

6. When there is a hostage situation in the supermarket

Episode 7 of season 3, aka that of the hostage situation in the supermarket, is certainly one of the most terrifying of the series. Deceived by her husband, Carolyn Bigsby, one of the most evil characters in Desperate Housewives, takes the entire Fairview supermarket hostage and terrorizes everyone. Myself, I hid my eyes looking at her. Between the death of Nora, the tantrum of Lynette and the reunion with relatives, we have not finished crying with this episode. Never again !

7. When Lynette learns that she is cured of cancer

We had already shed torrents of tears when Lynette had given herself body and soul to her opossum hunt (and Tom had understood that it was not just about the invasion of the animal, little cream). But episode 6 of season 4 gave us even more trouble in terms of emotions: it must be said that seeing Lynette apologize to the dead opossum after learning of his recovery, it shakes a little. Nah, I don’t have a shaking voice and watery eyes at all, why do you say that?

8. When Lynette thinks she lost her whole family in the hurricane

Another episode that created trauma for many spectators. We hadn’t expected to witness a devastating tornado when we started the series, but so be it. Besides the fact that this weather phenomenon from episode 9 of season 4 was already horrible to watch, the moment when Lynette discovers that Karen McCluskey’s house, where her family had taken refuge, has been completely destroyed is AMAZING! And what about episode 10 where she finds her family safe and sound! I could write a memoir on it (but it would certainly be unreadable because of the tears).

9. When Mrs. McCluskey writes a poem to Ida Greenberg

Another absolutely moving moment in this post-tornado episode 10: the one where Mrs. McCluskey declaims a poem to her friend Ida Greenberg, who died during the passage of the tornado while protecting Tom. Even if we hadn’t seen Ida more than that in the series, we still had the hair listening to the sweet melodious voice of our national Karen paying homage to her.

10. When Susan thinks she sees MJ die in Dave’s premeditated car accident

Come on and more drama! This series will have clearly used up all the waters contained in my body. During episode 24 of season 5, we find Susan tied to a tree who witnesses the accident deliberately caused by the terrible Dave between his car (which transports MJ, our little darling) and that of Mike. Susan’s cries of fear, when the two cars collide, are terrifying, but it is above all the reunion of Mike and MJ (who was spared by Dave) with Susan, which brought us to tears. Don’t do stuff like that to us.

11. When Susan gets run over during a crowd movement

Poor Susan is really pissed off throughout the series. But her accident during episode 10 of season 7, where she is stepped on during a panic, is particularly tragic. Let’s not forget that she lost a kidney, anyway. The other accidents that occurred during this demonstration against Paul Young’s prison project are also hard on our little hearts. When does the crying actually stop?

12. When Renee catches Bree on the verge of suicide

Season 8, also called the season where we cry at almost every episode, starts strong: Bree is at the bottom of the bucket and is on the verge of blowing her brains out, stashed in a hotel. At first, we laugh a little when Renee arrives, believing to find her Ben with her friend in the bed. But we quickly stopped hitting a bar when Renee finds the gun and Bree collapses. There, we thought that friendship was still very beautiful. And we wiped our eyes, of course.

13. When Gabrielle tells her stepfather’s new wife that he raped her

Passage really very hard to cash in episode 12 of season 8. Gabrielle has just met Claudia, the new wife of her stepfather Alejandro, who is looking for her husband (under the name of Ramon). Gaby tries to explain the situation to her (let’s not forget that in season 7, Carlos killed Alejandro to protect Gaby) and to tell her about the rapes he inflicted on her when she was a teenager. But Claudia obviously takes Gabrielle for a liar and threatens her, until her own daughter, Marisa, admits that she, too, has been a victim of Alejandro’s abuse. If you haven’t stifled a sob by then, you don’t have a heart.

14. When Mike Dies

Without a doubt, the death of Mike in episode 16 of season 8 is the one that has marked the most spirits of the entire series. Impossible that you forgot it. Personally, I cried even more than Susan and I didn’t eat for a week afterwards. To avoid giving you too much pain, I’m going to tell you about another touching moment-mims: the one where, a few episodes after Mike’s death, all the men of Wisteria Lane come to show MJ that they are there for him, even if his dad is no longer there. Desperate Housewives clearly wants to open a water tower with our tears, I see no other explanation.

15. When Karen McCluskey dies

She may have been a secondary character, but Karen McCluskey was still present throughout the seasons and gave us plenty of reasons to love her over the episodes (including the fact that she denounced herself to the place of Carlos for the murder of Alejandro, which is not nothing all the same). His death during a very last episode of the series, although inevitable, was therefore an immeasurable loss. Between Roy who once again ends up widowed and the deceptively joyful music on which we see Renee getting married and Julie giving birth, we clearly wanted to join Karen very very quickly. We miss her so much.

16. When Susan leaves Wisteria Lane and we see all the ghosts of dead characters

Clearly one of the end of series that made us cry the most. And I weigh my words. Discovering the future lives of our little Desperate Housewives and learning that they will never see each other again was heartbreaking. But coming across all the ghosts of the dead people of Wisteria Lane has finished us off. The creators of the series clearly meant us harm.

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