Top 16 Medieval Version Logos, by Ilya Stallone

Logos are part of our everyday landscape (even the most messed up logos). The artist Ilya Stallone undertook to retype them in the Middle Ages style and it gives completely comical and unusual illustrations. We recommend that you follow his insta account as soon as”> @ilya_stallone_artist.

1. Find the most beautiful videos of people tortured in cellars

2. “Advance through technology”

3. A good rabbit from Garenne

4. A king sandwich, literally

5. Not super fast as a browser

6. Very glam’ this cappuccino

7. The era of the selfie before its time

8. Can’t wait to test Vitrail Movie Maker

11. Compulsory marriage on the date

13. The best of stretching, otherwise nothing

14. Fashion’s Grim Reaper

15. Mark Zuckerberg a smurf

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