Top 16 good news of 2022 in illustrations, not everything was to throw away

WOOOOOOOW are we already coming to the end of 2022? I was not ready for this hair-raising info my word. Well if you thought this year was rotten (not as rotten as 2020 but not far), we come to cheer you up with some good retrospective news on this year. And best of the best: friend” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>the_happy_broadcast on Insta has the good idea to tell us about them in illustrated form in order to combine moral pleasure with pleasure for the eyes.


Doctors have announced the 5th case of recovery from AIDS.

2. Finally some useful deu-mer

A study has shown that dolphin droppings protect the coral reef.

3. Solidarity talk

A Dutch supermarket has created a special queue for the elderly, with more time dedicated to them and the possibility of chatting with the cashier.

Great news from a supermarket that invents the concept of being more human, isn’t it?

4. It will forage dry

The UK will create 1,000 new flower-decked bus stops to welcome bees.

5. Can’t wait to eat carrots from there

Taiwan is using abandoned subway stations for hydroponic and organic farms.

6. Piou-piou

A study has shown that listening to birdsong for 6 minutes a day reduces anxiety and the risk of depression.

7. Saliva that makes you drool

Waxworms could reduce plastic pollution with their saliva.

8. Nice but no one had thought of it before?

The largest sea route has changed the course of its fleet to the Sri Lankan side to avoid potential collisions with blue whales. YOUHOU.

9. Tintin balloon

A new species of mushroom could help alcoholics break free from their addiction.

10. Down With The Rules

To fight against menstrual precariousness, Scotland was the first country to make sanitary protection free.

11. Any hope for our pancake party?

Scientists in Singapore have found a seaweed from which they can extract an oil that could replace palm oil.

12. Calves are yours

E-bike sales are skyrocketing due to the price of gas, so people are looking for less polluting (and less expensive) alternative means of transportation.

13. Slightly ahead of the rest of the world

In Panama, nature now has the legal right to exist, so the government is committed to protecting it as well as its citizens.

14. Definitely, what a beautiful country

People under 22 can now ride public transport for free in Scotland.

15. Useful mimicry

Researchers have developed for the first time a 3D-printed coral reef that manages to mimic the complexity of natural corals and could help restore damaged or destroyed barriers.

16. “FAKE NEEEEWS” as the other would say

Sweden will create a psychological defense agency to fight the spread of fake news and misinformation online.

Did it give you a little joy in your heart too?

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