Top 16 funny tweets about the mustache, the trendy accessory of the moment

We tend to believe that guys have to meet men’s beauty criteria to have a chance of getting caught, but in fact, nope! As Team BS would say, “it doesn’t matter the color of the skin, no, the difference is not a defect”, just like it doesn’t matter the circumference of the muscles or the size of the tools. Yes, because for pecho, the only thing men should have is a beautiful, charismatic mustache full of sex appeal. The proof in tweets.

1. Ok wait I have to ask myself two minutes to think about this info

2. How could he do that??

3. Or tassel loafers

4. It’s more beautiful this way

5. We escaped the worst

9. Oh fuck, I almost got tricked

10. Guys love to ask you if they should keep their mustache.

11. Oh le prank

13. So that she doesn’t get cold

14. It’s for these great moments that we watch the Olympics

16. Total Misunderstanding

Ok, we agree to give beards a chance anyway, but it’s the last time!

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