Top 16 funny tweets about alternation, this formation harder to find than the PS5

The world of work is cruel: after having found 17 internships and before thinking about finding a permanent contract, you sometimes have to find a work-study program. And as my little three-year-old cousin would say, who sticks out on her coloring pages, this story is the cross and the banner. Recruiters are apparently not too keen on hiring an intern for half a day every three months at the same price as a basic fixed-term contract. Frankly not cool. But since it’s better to laugh than cry, I made you a nice little selection of tweets on the subject, you will tell me the news. In addition, you will surely have plenty of time to read it if you have not yet found your work-study program for the start of the school year, nickel!

1. So much attention, it’s touching

2. Want to give it an alternation in the office of my heart

3. Another great shitty idea of ​​alternating from the 5th grade

4. Feel like throwing chairs out the window

5. Go girl

6. Job market hell

7. The urban legend of alternation found

8. All this to do the same job as colleagues on permanent contracts

9. We are so happy for you

10. Feel like slitting my veins with a butter knife

11. Another shot at creative resumes

12. Worse than a narcissistic pervert ex (not really)

13. Guaranteed 100% Effective Diet

14. It’s the last straw

16. If we could go back in time to stop this mistake

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