Top 16 Airbnb hosts who overdo it a bit anyway

For about 10 years, we learned to favor Airbnb rather than hotels when we went on vacation, especially because it had the advantage of not costing an arm. But over the years, Airbnb hosts are getting more and more trusting and asking you to do crazy stuff at their place. It would almost make you want to go back to the hotel just to be quiet again.

1. The host who takes you for a freak

“I once stayed at an Airbnb and asked the host if I could bring my violin. When I arrived, the host had a yard full of neighbors who were “ready to listen to music.” When I said I left my violin at home, they all went home moaning that their entertainment plans had been ruined. »

2. The host who might also want you to wash his car

“Someone left us a review saying we didn’t leave the place ‘as clean and tidy as they would like’ when we literally paid a $140 cleaning fee and picked up our trash and washed the dishes WTF”

3. The host who takes you for his catsitter

“Once a lady from AirBnB asked me to keep an eye on her cat, and if I saw him, to catch him and bring him back to the house where I was probably going to keep him for the rest of my life. stay. Ma’am, I’m not here on a capture and rescue mission, I’m on a business trip. »

4. The Host Who Completely Lost Sense of Reality

“They were asking for a $150 cleaning fee for a $90 a night apartment. I’ll give this to the hotel and they’ll make my bed thanks. »

5. The host who thought he was a jailer

“The last one I stayed with asked my delivery person to leave citing their ‘no guests’ policy. I still don’t feel well. »

6. Hosts who forgot to be normal humans

“I stayed in an Airbnb for a month and the couple were loudly arguing in the kitchen. After an argument based on “Why don’t you cook with your breast milk, it will taste better than what you usually do” and other profanities, I ate in my room. They rated me 1 star for eating in the room. »

7. Hosts who would rather limit that you do not exist

“The last time I stayed in an AirBnB (2015), the owners asked me to stop walking around the apartment between 10am and 10pm because the neighbors downstairs didn’t like the sound of footsteps, even barefoot. Now this is hotel ONLY for me. »

8. The host who should rather rent to… well, to no one in fact

“The one I was in in Brooklyn was like ‘no noise after this time. Walk slowly, otherwise my neighbors will complain. No guests. No dinners. If you see my landlord, you’re my cousin. Please clean even if there is a cleaning fee. Surprise, the bed is a futon. »

I had sex all over the apartment for revenge. »

9. The host who is a rat

“We were paying $100 a day for the heated pool, but he was texting us multiple times a day asking us not to overheat the pool”

10. The hostess a bit too maniacal

“When we went to Joshua Tree an Airbnb host wanted to charge me $375 for not arranging the pillows properly and for hair in the shower she messaged me in all caps after we left lol”

11. The Monastic Host

“One Airbnb I stayed in literally had decibel meters, and if we were too loud they charged us. DECIBELL COUNTERS. IN THE FLAT. »

12. The creepy hosts

“I paid $18,600 for 10 days in a beach house. The owners didn’t tell me that they were next door, that they had several exterior cameras, all pointed at all the doors and the pool. They came when I turned off the Wi-Fi in the house. At almost $20,000 I still expect to have a private life. The hotel is much better. »

13. Hosts Even Worse Than Rats

“Absolutely no noise after 4pm and there will be a charge for excessive use of paper towels. We hope you enjoy our home! »

14. The stewardess who thinks you have all her time

“The last Airbnb I stayed in didn’t provide toilet paper and the heating was stuck at 32°C and they wanted me to stay there for a 5 hour window to wait for the repairman”

15. The host who just wants to make some big money off your back

“We stayed in an AirBnB which had a broken front door and shower. We were left with zero cleaning supplies (we bought our own) and charged an $80 cleaning fee, then given a bad review because we left the dishes to dry next to the sink. Why charge a cleaning fee then man? »

16. The host who misunderstood the principle

“The last Airbnb told me I would be charged if I didn’t take out the trash. What was the $300 cleaning fee for then? LOL “

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