Top 15 Truly Charismatic Female Series Characters That’s Rare Enough To Be Noted

I’m super happy to announce that this top was not easy to write because I had to make choices to select only 15 really well-written female characters from the series. This is good news, it means there are more YOUHOU. So we tried to select female characters who have something to say, who aren’t just there to bait the crowd with fresh curves, who aren’t just there to serve the male hero, who are sometimes funny, smart often, charismatic all the time.

1. Dana Scully in The X Files

No, but then I’m not just talking to you about a nice female character who quickly inspired us. I’m talking about THE ULTIMATE GIRL. So much so that we owe her the “Scully effect”: following the success of the series, scientific fields have experienced a resurgence of interest among women. Well great and you, if not, what good have you done in your life?

2. Colonel Samantha Carter dans Stargate SG-1

From this cult character we will remember this absolutely brilliant replica “I’m an Air Force officer, like you, sir. And the fact that my reproductive organs are located inside my body, does not mean that I am inferior to you.. Just a fan. Amanda Tapping heart on you.

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Credits photo : Jill Bratcher

3. Kim Wexler dans Better Call Saul

Among the recent genius series, we obviously have unlimited love for Better Call Saul who not only surpassed Breaking Bad but who has the good taste to offer us this extremely well constructed character of Kim Wexler. Lawyer, Jim’s companion, she is however at no time his stooge and traces her route sailing between low blows and professionalism endowed with a keen sense of justice (paradoxically). Not to mention that she pisses Lalo off when he has a tendency to bump into people at all costs. That’s a girl who has it in her menstrual panties (not sure to validate this expression but hey).

Ecran 5 1

4. Pamela in Louie

We will never say how much the series of Louie CK is a masterpiece: the characters are extremely well written (including the female characters), the realization is varied, inventive, the casting is incomparable. And among the unforgettable characters, I would like to mention Vanessa (Sarah Baker) who certainly has one of the most beautiful lines in the history of the series regarding her overweight. And of course… PAM! performed by Pamela Aldon who later created Better Things (another absolutely essential series where ALL the female roles are highly successful). Her character as a hilarious best friend, a male single mother who struggles but gets by and sends pissing off who pisses her off is a delight.

Pamela adlon and louis ck in bobbys house

5. Miriam in Mrs. Maisel, Fabulous Woman

We had already mentioned Mrs Maisel to you in our top of the most underrated series, but she is definitely a character who has her place in this top as she has charisma to spare. At the same time, coming from a comedian character, that only half-surprises us.

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6. Buffy in Herself the Vampire Slayer

A feminist series before its time, this top could not find its way without the indestructible Buffy, an eminently inspiring character for the swarm of teenagers that we were and who had only been waiting too long for a badass girl character to see the day.

Parents infographies camembert buffy

7. Bradley dans The Morning Show

So already one: please go and watch me this much too brilliant Apple series which relates the daily morning of the biggest media in the United States after its presenter was “metooized”. Among other things, we discover ambivalent, careerist and naturally fascinating female characters. In the genre, the character of Bradley played by Reese Witherspoon is a masterpiece in its own right (even if we can also mention Jennifer Aniston who bursts everything).

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8. Fleabag in Fleabag

Impossible to miss this funny character of a depressive girl with expansive sexuality. Two seasons of pure happiness which introduced us to Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the new author, director, actress to follow (I take this opportunity to recommend the previous series that she created and in which she also plays Crashinga piece of jewelry).


9. Leslie Knope dans Parks and Recreation

Micheal Scott’s Luck (The Office) before the hour, this character with great political ambitions is not only an example of humor, she is also a great girl who has more than one trick up your sleeve to carry out her project.

Parks and rec 1

10. Eve Polastri in Killing Eve

Oh well, by chance, who do we find when writing the screenplay? the aforementioned Pheobe Wallar-Bridge, AND YEAH. Whether Killing Eve has lost its charm over the seasons, we must still recognize that this romantic relationship between a contract killer and the cop who tracks her down had enough to nourish our carnivorous soul in terms of charisma.

Killing eve critique serie 2018

11. Bobbi dans Conversations with Friends

Yes, because it is also an opportunity to tell you about the recent series that have marked us, in this case Conversations with friends is a little nugget to enjoy on MyCanal. Adapted from Sally Rooney’s first novel by Alice Birch (to whom we owe Normal People, also adapted from a novel by Rooney), it tells the story of a friendship between Bobbi and Frances, ex-high school sweethearts, and their meeting with a couple. It’s as simple as that, but it’s divinely well written and Sasha Lane who embodies Bobbi gives us to have a female (and feminist) character of rare richness.


12. Jules in Euphoria

From the moment when an entire episode was devoted to her (but like really there’s only her talking), we can reasonably recognize that this character has a lot of stature. A trans teenager, she weaves a strong relationship with Rue after prostituting herself in high school. She naturally embodies all the questions around gender but also more generally on the complexity of adolescence. When will there be a prequel on Juuuuules?

Euphoria jules ange 1024x576 1

13. Cheyenne in Cheyenne & Lola

You may not remember this OCS series which unfortunately did not meet with the expected success (and that’s a shame) but there is a very unexpected duo of two female characters: Cheyenne and Lola (played respectively by Veerle Baetens and Charlotte Le Bon). If only one had to be retained, it would undoubtedly be the incredible Cheyenne, a cleaning lady on the ferries who finds herself caught in a spiral of galleys, confronted with the local bosses. She’s got a shaved head, she’s brutal, but I challenge anyone not to get attached to her.

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14. Lana Kane in Archer

She may have an extraordinary plastic, Lana is not the type to let it go. First-class castagnant she is the best element of ISIS, she pisses off her ex Archer but sleeps with him when it suits her which does not prevent her from being drunk because this abominable mama’s boy benefits from more responsibility when he is undoubtedly the worst agent in the agency’s history. However that does not prevent him from making him a kid (without however ever being in a relationship with him). Excuse me for a bit but if that’s not a character rich in twists and turns, I don’t know what you need.


15. Andéa in Ten percent

I wasn’t going to let you go without citing another French series when even I’m not a monster. If there is something that we have retained from this series on the terrible jungle of talent agents, it is the character of Andréa interpreted by the brilliant Camille Cottin, a “pain in the ass” who leads her boat with authority, sensuality, humor. The kind of character we would like to be in life (well not every day but once a week what).

830x532 andrea martel camille cottin plus coriace jamais saison 2 dix cent

Yeah yeah good OK I could have talked about Brienne from Tarth, Eleven, Michonne or Carrie Bradshaw (LOL no) but what don’t you understand in the concept of select list damn God thunder? However, you can express yourself fully in the comments of this top, God will reward you.

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