Top 15 things we do at the hotel, but not at home

Sleeping in a hotel is like living in a short break from your daily life. We do pretty much the same thing there as at home, except that it’s not at all the same as at home. Whether you’re in the worst hotel in the world or the most beautiful room with a view, you do weird things. Stuff that clearly we would not do at home.

1. Take the elevator in a bathrobe…

And generally move around in a bathrobe. When do we tolerate this DSKaïen look without any form of moral unease?

2. … with disposable slippers

OK maybe I’m talking about luxury hotel not deg. But admit that even if in an F1 you were offered used shoes with holes in them, you would use them the same way.

3. Take a bubble bath

This is the tragedy of the hotel industry. Even the ecologists in everyday life undermine their principles as soon as they cross the doormat of their suite. It’s bad. I judge you. I’m judging you from my bath full of big bubbles.

4. Get blackheads on the ultra-magnifying mirror with a surgical light

It’s disgusting but if there is a place where you can purge your nose by extracting several kilos of blackheads firmly embedded in your pores, it’s at the hotel.

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5. Steal all the soaps and shampoos

Theoretically they are yours. You paid for them in the price of the room. But you like to tell yourself that you are the Mesrine of Ibis.

6. Stealing breakfast food

Coming with an empty bag and filling it with all possible foods from the breakfast buffet? It’s more than a passion. It’s an addiction. The other day I got carried away I even poured orange juice and slices of raw salmon in my tote bag. It was disgusting but I felt like a job well done.

7. Check for suspicious stains in the sheets

Because all the same we are not immune to a hair of ass.

8. Accept, however, to sleep peacefully in sheets that have seen hundreds of people fuck

And tell yourself that even if a few liters of semen have stepped on these sheets before you, you’ll have no problem getting into them. Not without a touch of satisfaction.

9. Use one bath towel per body member

One for the face. One for the hands. One for the feet. One for the body. One for the hair. One for the nails. It’s going too far.

10. Watch the TV in oualp on the bed

Even at home, we don’t care about underpants. Go figure why, we like to expose our parts to the bedroom furniture. And they don’t thank us.

11. Leaving bath towels on the floor

Well yes because we know that someone will clean up behind. Nice spirit. It’s crazy how you become right as soon as your ass is in a hotel.

12. Explore the minibar

Even if you’re going to take absolutely nothing because it pays off.

13. Sleep with 50 pillows

And discover the joys of the double chin.

14. Put a sock on the smoke detector

To be able to smoke big stems on the sly when you don’t even have the right. In fact, we like to pay dearly for a hotel room to break the rules that we don’t have to break at home. It’s nice.

15. Brush your teeth with a cup

To this I have only one observation to make: why?

I would ask you in the meantime to pay attention to the things to do and not to do at the hotel, because we are not savages.

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