Top 15 things to remember from the latest episode of Married at First Sight Season 6 Episode 10

1. Emilie and Freddy are depressed

Against a backdrop of tragic music (far too tragic, even), Emilie and Freddy recounted their new argument, and we can already say that this story smells very bad. At the same time, starting with a long-distance relationship when you barely know each other is really not the right plan.

On the other hand, it is difficult to know who is the most sluggish of the two. They seem to have not simple characters anyway.


2. Damien is VERY nice

Damien : “I discovered Pauline’s universe and it’s magnificent”

Pauline’s universe:


Magnificent, really.

3. Eddy didn’t even sleep naked.

While he had a bed all to himself. It’s a pity though.


The chipo stayed warm

4. Jennifer wrote a message to Pesquel to resolve the issues with Eddy

We didn’t expect this message…


5. We were very scared with Pesquel

Fish : “Put your hand on mine”

Always Pesquel: ” Close your eyes “

Luckily he’s our expert pro, otherwise it would have looked like a weird approach attempt.

Mar5 2

“Now you will slowly recite your credit card code”

6. Jauffrey and Cyndie didn’t consummate their marriage on the first night

This can be seen particularly on the side of Jauffrey…


Sorry, it had to be done.

7. Oh no Cyndie not thataaa

The “groom” and “the bride” t-shirts look really bad. It is totally prohibited. On the other hand, she managed well for the size of Jauffrey’s t-shirt. Had he been sent his measurements in advance or what?


8. Damien and Pauline really do EVERYTHING together

It’s cute but it’s still going a bit far there…


9. Damien’s father is a bit too much

Didier: “I don’t put pressure on you”

Still Didier: “When are you two moving in together?” When are you having kids? I want a grandson huh! Come on, we have to get started there eh oh »

Calm down Didier!


10. Sandy is super romantic

Her reaction when she slow dances with Alexandre is “Okay when does it stop”

Ah, how beautiful a budding love is.


11. Estelle explains problems with pens really well.

I understood everything about the relationship between Freddy and Émilie thanks to her. Thank you Estella.


“You are actually pens. It will be 80 euros please. »

12. Yes, Cyndie, it’s true

Cyndie: “Jauffrey swims very well”

Eh yes. Maybe it has to do with the fact that he was a professional swimmer. Maybe.


13. Estelle transformed Sandy

It took her talking to him 5 minutes for Sandy to become 10 times warmer with Alex. Hyper efficient shrink, she hypnotized her or what?


“I will count to 3 and you will fall in love with Alex”

14. Jauffrey and Cyndie seem like good pals

No more. It’s a shame, but at the same time love doesn’t happen by snapping your fingers. We’ll see in the next episode if it evolves, but for the moment it doesn’t seem to go into big love.


15. It’s going to divorce between Freddy and Emilie

Well, we can’t say we’re surprised. As we said at the start of the episode, the two seem to have a good fat character, so the separation seems quite logical. On the other hand, it was not possible to make a little less cold as a break? A little hug, a kind word?

In any case Freddy doesn’t seem very touched. With its “I’m the type to turn the page very quickly” et “I am always a heart to take”, we feel that he really wants to move on without waiting. He could at least pretend to be pained the guy.


“If there are single girls watching, know that I am available”

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