Top 15 things that have gone corny and that’s good

The world spins at the pace of a Clio 3 in fifth gear, so some things are inevitably overtaken by the evolution of mores. And, if we regret the tragic disappearance of top hats, there are other elements whose outdatedness is now a good thing. A lot of rotten stuff is now frowned upon by society, and that feels good. Much good.

1. Fashion shows with only size 34 models

The brands that continue to forget that not everyone wears size 34 are clearly 10 years behind and they deserve that no one puts on their fatphobic clothes anymore.

2. Low-rise jeans

When you bend down and people see half of your ass, you’re clearly not on the side of the people we envy.

3. Smoking cigarettes

It’s good, we understand now: it stinks, it kills and, even worse, it yellows the teeth. Really not crazy for something so expensive.

Infographie fumer cigarette

4. Spikes in the hair

With about two tons of #gelfixationbéton to hold them.

5. The first name “Kevin”

We have nothing against the Kevins, but it’s good for them too if we don’t hear less about them. They will be able to live quietly in anonymity. Anyway, we found replacements for them: the Enzos. Enzo iz ze new Kevin.

Sp bulle kevin 1

6. Machismo

This time when the man who gave orders to the woman was valued now resembles prehistory.

7. The One Directions

Before, we couldn’t say it without getting knocked over by an army of furious Directioners, but now we’re saying it loud and clear: One Direction really wasn’t crazy.

8. Laugh at “swag”

A word that clearly has nothing swag left.

9. Sleeping with underage girls

The Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger and other Jimmy Page (to name a few) are no longer cool. Far from it, even.

If you want to know more, check out these stars who did some dirty stuff.

630px elvis presley promoting jailhouse rock
Credits photo (Domaine Public) : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. Reproduction Number: LC-USZ6-2067 Location: NYWTS — BIOG

10. Social pressure for women to wax

It took us a long time to understand that girls could do whatever they wanted and that men had nothing to complain about. Well, there are some who haven’t caught up yet, but it will come.

11. Redneck Jokes

Well ok, it depends which ones, because there are still some acceptable redneck jokes, but those that are racist, sexist and homophobic have generally lost the right of citizenship in good society.

Topito mosaique super nanas beauf comedy

12. Popular people in high school

They almost all end up becoming big nerds who miss their life as soon as they pass their baccalaureate. It’s still satisfying enough for those they’ve bullied for years.

13. TPMP

In 2013, we could say without shame that we were watching TPMP, a little schoolboy show but not very bad at the time. Today, the thing has become revolting and we have (almost) all ended up realizing it. But the real question is: when will it stop once and for all?


14. The “eggplant” color in the houses

Damn, we couldn’t take this color anymore. Never again please.

15. Boy bands… well no

K-Pop unfortunately put them back in our face. But when everyone realizes that the members of these groups have horrible contracts and are modern slaves, the fame will eventually fall.

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