Top 15 things that disappeared that we hope will never come back

Sometimes things disappear and it’s sad. Other times things disappear and it’s better that way don’t let them come back from the dead… NEVER YOU HEAR, NEVER WILL YOU BE LET TO ROT OUR LIFE AGAIN.

1. Francis Lalanne

Little angel gone not soon enough.

2. Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes

And to think that he is surely there, among us, hidden under the carpet.

3. Technique

Never again in life.

4. Ton ex

Not in my name.

5. Prohibition of termination of pregnancy


6. Your virginity

If she comes back it’s going to be very weird.

7. The dinosaurs

I say that but in truth I do not completely believe it.

Jurassic park

8. Your rules

Long live the menopause in fact.

Clip castex regles

9. The rhinestones on the teeth

When did we dare.

10. The Mask

Ouch. How to tell you…

In a context of epidemic resumption of Covid-19, Brigitte Bourguignon asked the French to put the mask back on public transport this Monday, June 27

Posted by The Midi Dispatch on Monday, June 27, 2022

11. Balaclavas

Except for people who rob banks.

12. The Fiat Multipla

Well, she didn’t really disappear, but she never really existed either.

13. Emile Louis

My boy on.

14. Snap Joggers

Life must be taken without pressure.

15. More beautiful life

We’re finally cleared we won’t let you come back damn it.

Do you also feel like you are one with the universe when you urinate while drinking?

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