Top 15 things that 1 out of 4 French people do, and that’s a lot

We have already given you a niche top on what 4% of French people do, so today we are going to focus on a larger part of the population, just to be a little more representative. Open your eyes wide since you will now discover what one in four French people do. One in four French people can be your father, your mother, your college techno teacher, your banker, your neighbor in the metro, your accountant, your podiatrist-orthodontist, or even you. That’s a lot 25% of the population.

1. 1 in 4 French people report suffering from loneliness

We start with a very sad but not so surprising stat in our current small society: one in four French people does not feel surrounded at all and declares not to have a social circle. Like what, we may have means of communication more and more phews, that does not solve much in terms of sociability.

The figures are staggering: in 2021, one in four French people say they are affected by loneliness and without any social circle. Decryption with Matthieu Chaigne, expert in behavioral sciences.

Posted by DNA on Friday, July 1, 2022

2. 1 in 4 French people has a hearing loss

A WHAT ???

(note that this joke does not work in writing, but it had to be done anyway.)

3. 1 in 4 French people have already eaten insects

Well, that’s good, it testifies to an open-mindedness. Well, on the other hand, it’s still a little gross (honestly, have you ever tasted locusts? This stuff doesn’t taste good), but at least it’s full of protein and it doesn’t hurt the planet less.

2?? #AgriGoodNews – The Markets – According to a survey by the CSA Institute, 61% of French people ?? would not be refractory to the #consumption of insects??

Posted by To succeed on Sunday, April 10, 2022

4. 1 in 4 French people do not wash their hands after using the toilet

Which ranks us among the most disgusting countries. Well done France, always there when it comes to championing something.

5. 1 out of 4 French people do not wash every day

We understand better why we have a reputation of big cracras abroad. But as they say, better to have a bad reputation than no reputation at all. Okay no one said that.

6. 1 out of 4 French people is a volunteer in an association

Like what we also know how to do things well. What put a little balm in the heart, stars in the eyes and butter in the spinach. Ah well no suddenly, forget the last one, it’s volunteering.

7. 1 in 4 French people drink too much alcohol

You all have several names that come to mind, huh?

8. 1 in 4 French people throw their waste out of the car window

Translation: 25% of French people are big assholes. No more no less.

9. 1 in 4 French people think the Illuminati are manipulating us

This one seems hard to swallow, and it smells like a rotten poll, but how funny we put it on for you anyway. Either way it was the Illuminati who forced us to tell you.

10. 1 in 4 French people are stressed at the wheel

While the solution is simple: listen to Rire & Chansons to redo the best sketches of Anne Roumanoff and give a swerve to go straight towards a plane tree.

11. 1 in 4 French people doze during the day because they lack sleep

If you’re one of them, immediately close this top and go to sleep. We will still be here tomorrow.

12. 1 out of 4 French people respect this trick of 5 fruits and vegetables a day

Stop bunch of mythos.

13. 1 out of 4 French people would like to drink a beer with Fabien Roussel

The real question is whether he is ready to pay it or not, because that changes everything.

14. 1 in 4 French people are afraid of spiders

While they’re all cute with their hairy little paws and their little eyes numbering 8 and… OK, they’re cute, but not very bad.

15. 1 in 4 French people are in favor of a total tobacco ban

At the same time, once you’ve stopped, it’s true that you really want to see others stop too. Come on, it clears the cigarette.

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