Top 15 things by which we are always disappointed, the middle fingers of life

Sometimes life slaps you in the face, watches you fall, and gives you a huge middle finger and laughs at you. It happens, and in these moments it is absolutely necessary to follow the advice to get out of depression otherwise you can quickly fall into a spiral of anxiety from which you have trouble extricating yourself. In order to reduce the potential disappointments of life, we suggest that you directly review the things that always disappoint us, to stop expecting something positive or a good surprise. (Otherwise how are you?)

1. Ses ex

Let’s stop expecting something positive from our exes, if we’re not together anymore it’s because it didn’t fit and it’s better to put an end to all this by simply sending these people who certainly fucked pretty well but did not bring us anything good in the end.

2. His cut when you leave the hairdresser

The phrase “not too short please” should be replaced by “don’t give me a stupid face like last time, you dirty bastard or I’ll also redo your haircut with nail clippers and super glue. “. But since we’re civilized, we don’t say anything, we come out with an ugly head and we wait three weeks for it to grow back by putting on a cap.

Sp top1 coiffeur

3. The last playoff seasons we waited eight years for

Of the 250 series you watched, how many times were you really satisfied with the ending? Come on, four times maximum. That’s why you should only watch miniseries in order to save a lot of free time and be happy.

4. His friends at a move

It cancels the day before, it shows up again stuffed with an evening that ended much too late and it only wears a lampshade for two hours. Moving is better done alone, you have a lot more merit and I can’t repeat it enough: you are never better disappointed than by yourself.

Topito vs potes demenagement

5. The result of the presidential elections

Still. For ever. At the same time, it must be said that when you vote at the same time as a lot of other people with whom you don’t already agree the rest of the time, there’s little chance of seeing the result that you wanted to. It’s probability, and I don’t know much about probability.

6. Le Covid

At first we like it, then there’s the second wave, then the third, then another and another… No really, it’s just shit since the beginning of this covid story.

Topito vs covid
Picture credits: Topito

7. His dish at the restaurant

Each time we hesitate between two dishes: we end up choosing one of the two and as soon as it arrives on the table we are immediately extremely disappointed not to have ordered the other since it looks disgusting and that in addition we are allergic to half of the foods on the plate.

8. New Year’s Eve

And to think that every year there are still people who think that New Year’s Eve is a great thing and that we have a good laugh there. But no, it’s always a night of anguish where people throw up, get confused, throw up again and get confused again because they threw up on themselves.

Topito bulle nouvel an bon brute truand 1

9. His date when we see him coming in the distance

On the photos the date was not bad, the messages were funny, then THE meeting happened and you immediately saw that it was not going to stick at all. Damn people who are photogenic, they ruin your night when you really meet them.

10. Holiday / wedding / baby photos

At the limit, you can take a little pleasure in taking the photos, and even then, it’s generally super boring. But when we receive them we always discover that we have a dirty face on all of them, that the people around seem to be really bored or that his child looks like a digestive tract with a Babar bodysuit.

Sp infographie mariage

11. Its annual increase

– And here is Bernard, to reward all these unpaid overtime we decided to increase you monthly by 10 euros. You will find this increase in the form of ten euros on your meal ticket card.

12. Cocktails in bars

You pay ten bucks for it and either it doesn’t taste like alcohol at all, or it looks like the stuff was dosed blind in the back of the Space Mountain so there’s no fucking consistency in the mix.

Infographies cocktails honnetes 7
Picture credits: Topito

13. Scratch Games

We all know someone who won two euros once, great, nice average compared to all the dough that people put in there so that the winner of the super kitty does not even come to collect his prize.

14. League 1

It’s more or less the thing with the least surprise in the world, but really no surprise. Then football is super boring compared to the Tour de France for example (no I’m kidding).

Foot diagrammes corps humain2

15. Life

Yeah. Sorry but overall it’s very overrated as a thing.

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