Top 15 Tattoos Worn By Idiots, Gonna Have To Erase This

If failed tattoos are mainly the consequence of a bad choice of tattoo artist, there are also some bad designs that are simply the consequence of a bad choice of tattoo. And these tattoos all have one thing in common: they are mostly worn by idiots. I’ll tell you about it here, but please don’t beat me up if you’re concerned. That would be silly of you.

1. Deathly Hallows

You base your whole “personality” on the most mainstream books that exist, which suggests that you have never opened any other book in your life.

2. The first name of your boyfriend/girlfriend

You naively think that your love will last forever when he or she cheats on you as soon as your back is turned.

3. Latin words

Don’t fuck with me, apart from these 3 words you absolutely don’t understand anything in Latin.

4. Flying birds

You act like you’re a witty person who loves your freedom, but everyone knows you regretted that ugly tattoo two weeks after you got it.

5. The first names of your children and their date of birth

A diary or a small notebook, it’s still easier to not forget this kind of information.

6. A portrait of your child

While he won’t look the same at all in 2 years…

7. A butterfly

Because getting the same tattoo as 300,000 other people doesn’t hold you back.

8. A manga character

Like you’ll still like it when you’re over 20. Oh, are you over 20? Well wait for 40 then.

9. Roman numerals

We know that you used a converter on the internet to be sure not to crash and ask your tattoo artist for this “MCMXCII”. Besides, a date of birth, that’s super original!

10. A mandala

It’s the tattoo of those who really, but really didn’t know what to tattoo, like “yes put me this scribble there it’s pretty”. Don’t do anything in the end.

11. An Anchor

Are you afraid of going adrift or what?

12. A minimalist tattoo

How did it feel to drop 100 bullets for two dashes?

13. A pun

A pun is funny once or twice, then it’s funnier. But the tattoo is there all the time. Do you see the problem?

14. Barcodes

Ouaaaah but is it a criticism of society or what? Too deep as a tattoo…

15. A singer or band name

If you really wanted to show that you were a fan, you could have simply put a crest on your jacket like the middle schoolers.

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