Top 15 self-scripted series predictions, these hidden spoilers

Quite often the scriptwriters play with us without us realizing it by hiding visual details in the shots or meaningful sentences in the dialogues. It is then on the second viewing of a work that our eyes open (it’s an image, otherwise you don’t know how to watch a series) and we realize that it was there from the start, but that we hadn’t taken a good look. We suggest you see some examples, but keep in mind that it is overall spoiler.

1. The dead deer and wolf in the first episode of “Game of Thrones”

During a scene in the very first episode of the series, Ned Stark finds a deer and a giant wolf dead by the side of a path, then he decides to give the orphaned baby wolves to each of his children. Doesn’t that remind you of anything else? The stag is the emblem of House Baratheon and the wolf that of the Stark family, and at the end of the season both heads of these houses are dead and the Starks children are orphans. It is clearer ?

2. “Squid Games” and the games revealed from the start

The whole principle of Squid Game generally resided in the discovery of the macabre games which the selected players were going to engage in. If we can think that the surprise effect was quite well kept, the truth is quite different because we can see from episode two the different games painted on a wall, it’s just that we don’t do it not at all careful.

3. The “Lost” rivalry explained from the first episode

During a scene from the very first episode of Lost, Locke explains to Michael’s young son the game of backgammon. He then takes out two pawns of different colors and tells him “it’s all about the rivalry between light and shadow”. While the show is sometimes a huge nameless brothel, the writers said that aspect of the first episode was always planned and should be personified by the characters of Jacob and the Man in Black.

4. “The Wire” et Omar

There are a thousand reasons to watch The Wire, one of them being the character of Omar. The tragic death of this character is actually initiated at several points, but the most striking is when we see the young Kenard (the kid who will end up killing him) playing “dealers and Omar” with his friends: we sees him pretending to shoot his comrade and saying “afterwards it’s my turn to do Omar”, implying that he is acting the scene that he will end up living in real life by shooting Omar. Damn series.

5. Game of Thrones : Lord Baelish le voyant

In season 4 of GOT, Lord Baelish tells young Aaron during a small dialogue scene that “people die in their beds, people die at their table after eating, people die on their chamber pot”. If we look at this sentence in detail, it actually reveals three major deaths that occur later in the season: Joffrey at his table after eating, Shea in his bed and Tywin on his chamber pot. Motherfucker from Baelish he knows everything.

6. “How I Met your mother” and the identity of the mother revealed in the first season

We may not see her face, but we quickly know her name: Tracy. Basically Ted tells the kids he met a stripper named Amber, and after her show she reveals to him that her real name is Tracy, he ends up saying “that’s how I met your mom” and we see a shot of the kids who jump in surprise when they learn that their mother was a stripper. Ted admits it was a joke and the kids are soothed, but if the kids reacted that way, it’s good that the real mother’s name was Tracy.

7. Fry’s “accidental” freezing in “Futurama”

If we learn in an advanced episode of the series that it was the cute little alien Nibbler who pushed Fry into the freezer, we can verify this information by watching the famous scene in the very first episode: we can very clearly see the shadow of Nibbler next to the machine, so it was TRUE FROM THE BEGINNING.

8. “Friends” and Monica and Chandler’s wedding

During a scene where Rachel is trying on dresses, the three girlfriends all find themselves in wedding dresses, Rachel is training to throw the bouquet and it is Monica who catches up with him, exclaiming “it will be me the next to marry me,” which of course happens. Later in the episode, Chandler wants to get in the apartment and Monica says the guys can’t see them in that outfit, and Phoebe says jokingly “yeah, the groom can’t see the bride in her dress. » and as everyone knows, it is with him that she is going to marry. A good well overrated series Friends.

9. “True Detective” and the identity of the Yellow King

If you watched the excellent season 1 of True Detective you probably missed some important clues about the identity of the famous “Yellow King”. In reality, each time the two characters are on a good track there is yellow on the screen (on a tie, the painting on a wall, the fishing nets of a fisherman…) but it is especially when of the scene where they come across the culprit in question mowing the lawn: when they leave school on foot we can see a sign with text partly hidden by a post which reveals the words “notice king” ( notice king).

10. Jane’s death in “Breaking bad”

You probably remember Jane’s death in Breaking Bad where Walter is seen watching her choke on her vomit from drug overuse. This death is actually teased twice: when Jane tells Jesse to fall asleep on her side to avoid choking shortly before and when Skyler shows Walter how to put the baby down to avoid choking. also. And you, do you like it or do you think Breaking Bad is not that great?

11. Zoe’s death in “House of Cards”

The young reporter Zoe who gets a little too screwed up investigating Franck Underwood writes in the first season on a page of the newspaper where she works (The Metro) that her job is killing her. In the next season we see Franck Underwood kill her by literally pushing her under the subway. WHOOPS.

12. “Arrested Development” and the identity of the spy

When the members of the Bluth family realize that there is a spy among them, you can quickly tell that it is the young “Annyong” because a tag on the frosted banana sales stand says “I would have. Hello “. The author therefore signs the name “hello” and “Annyong” means hello (hello) in Korean. On the other hand, we also learn that the real no of “Annyong” is “Hel-loh”, a good joke which quickly gave the identity of the culprit.

13. The brain tumor in “X-Files”

In the series, we learn that Agent Scully has a brain tumor, but we could have guessed that long before the official announcement. In this episode, the bad guy is a guy who kidnaps women to lobotomize them because he thinks they have a little man in their brains. When he holds Scully prisoner, he shows her an x-ray of his brain and points her to a specific location, saying the little guy is in that part. This is the exact location of the tumor that she is shown a few years later.

14. Chris’ fate in “The Sopranos”

When Tony learns that Chris is on drugs, he freaks out and makes sure he stops his bullshit right away. Then when he stopped he told his friends that if he took drugs again he would kill him with his own hands. Reminds you of a scene? Normal, that’s exactly what happens: Chris takes drugs again and Tony kills him by strangling him with his hands much later in the series.

15. The identity of the “Gossip Girl” in the very first episode

In the very first episode of the series we see Dan typing something on his computer keyboard when Jenny arrives, surprised he closes his laptop directly and almost a few seconds later Jenny receives a message from the famous Gossip Girl. It was there before your eyes and you did not look. For my part, I simply did not watch the series.

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