Top 15 Rock Stars Who Gave Publicity, Those Who Love Money

If you like rock and roll and the irreverence of the musicians of this somewhat hectic musical movement, you must have a decided opinion on the question of advertising, roughly speaking if you yourself are “rock and roll” you don’t like that too much. However, you will probably be disappointed to know that a good number of rockstars have not hesitated to sell their image to represent big brands and make a bundle of dough along the way, we suggest you see some examples and it’s not pretty pretty, like that stuff you ignore on TV commercials.

1. Iggy Pop – Le bon coin

When we think of Iggy Pop, we especially think of the slightly crazy guy who represented a certain spirit that broke free from the rules of society, then he did an ad for The good cornerwhich is not his best title but has the merit of being a little funny.

2.David Bowie-Vittel

When you’re one of the greatest musicians of all time, you have the right to drink a little water, and you even have the right to sell it. So don’t go thinking that he sold the bottles himself directly, but he sold his image to sell them, which is quite close in concept.

3. Johnny Halliday – Optic 2000

The owner loved money, it’s a secret, but at the same time who can blame him? So at the time he had a lucrative contract with opticians Optic 2000 whose jungle recorded for the occasion probably remains his best musical creation. Simply a genius.

4. Steven Tyler – Skittles

We are not the father of Liv Tyler and the singer ofAerosmith without having to eat sugar, that’s why Steven Tyler decided to lend his image (in exchange for financial compensation) to the brand Skittles. All presented during the Super Bowl, the best time to sell stuff.

5. Iron Maiden – Road Safety

Well that’s classy, ​​because as much as we can be rock and roll but that does not mean that we do anything, such as forgetting to put your seat belt on in the car. The members of Iron Maiden then made an ad for the American public service to raise awareness about wearing seat belts in the car and that’s good advertising.

6. Lemmy Kilmister (MotorHead) – Plein de pubs

Lemmy loves advertising, he has often proved it by making various advertisements: for crisps (Walkers Crisps), chocolate bars (Kit Kat) or even a brand of Finnish milk (Valio). Why Finnish milk? Because it pays well, the Finns are well known.

7. ZZ Top – Honda

What better way to sell cars than a bunch of guitarists with long beards and hats? Nothing, they are the best, moreover the car was the best sold in all history. Well it’s wrong, but it was worth a try, then it gives a super classy ad.

8. David Bowie et Tina Turner – Pepsi

Bowie’s second entry in this top but mainly because he was in duet with the tall Tina Turner (1m63 anyway), all in an ad Pepsior one of the symbols of American commercialism, and that’s beautiful.

9. Alice Cooper – Staples

Yeah, even the indomitable Alice Cooper gave in to the call of publicity and easy money, and it was for a brand of office supplies, you can’t do more conformist. Sacred Alice, always ready to do anything to make us laugh this idiot.

10. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Nike

The angry members of Red Hot Chili Peppers like branded clothes with highly questionable provenance and design, and they even gave their image to sell more to anti-capitalist teenagers who basically wouldn’t have spent a single dollar on the brand. Well done guys, you can be proud of yourselves.

11. Ozzy Osbourne – Pepsi Twist

Visibly Pepsi loves rockstars, and since David Bowie wasn’t enough they went for Ozzy Osbourne. Well, when you know that Ozzy has accepted that we do a reality show about his life, you are aware that he really doesn’t give a damn about his image, but still. Well the gentleman also made ads for the game World of Warcraft and the stores Best Buy with Justin Bieber, he is not afraid of anything.

12. Slash – VolksWagen

He likes electric guitars, black hats and beautiful German brand cars, here is the legendary Slash. Well he did that to get his ticket like the others what do you want us to say, he’s quite right.

13. Elton John – Cadburry

Elton John loves sweets, colors and pop, that’s why he agreed to put it all together in a Cadburry commercial. All with completely original music written for the occasion. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s not his best.

14. Robert Plant – Coca Cola

It hurts my balls a little to see Robert Plant in this top, but hey, what do you want, that’s life. The singer of Led Zeppelin did a spot for Coca Cola in the 80s and that’s something you can never erase. Sad world.

15. Bob Dylan – IBM

He looks tired, he looks like he’s getting pissed off, he’s broke and quite frankly we wonder why he accepted the ad. Maybe to do a favor for a friend or to get out of his house, it’s not clear. Poor Bob.

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