Top 15 Really Messed Up Makeovers, They Didn’t Plan This

When you want to change your style, whether it’s clothes or hairstyle, you usually have high hopes for the end result. The problem is that it doesn’t always go as planned (we saw it with the confinement haircuts). We know it’s not nice to make fun of it, but frankly, it’s kind of funny.

1. The guy decided to cut his own hair and has to go to work the next day. Bad idea.

2. What she asked for VS What she got (for $200 anyway)

3. Do you think it looks more like raw meat or semen?

4. The homemade hairstyle that didn’t go as planned

5. We have to assume now

6. Yes, that’s really sabotage

7. It’s almost the same don’t worry

8. It would have been more successful by buying a coloring at the supermarket

9. The illusion is perfect

10. The European Union has banned this haircut since 2013.

11. This haircut is also prohibited

12. The smile is strained in both photos, but the haircut and outfits are even uglier in the “after” version.

13. “Tattoos on your arms and you’re beautiful” (very weird as a concept)

14. By clicking to look at the different outfits, you will be surprised to discover that they are all ugly

15. A fuchsia pink dress for a goth girl, she must be delighted

If you like messed up looks and ruined hair, you’ll love the color fails (we want more).

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