Top 15 players who left and then returned to their club

Chases the natural, it comes back at a gallop. Tell that to Lacazette, he will understand you, it will surely speak to him. Yes, that’s the little news of the morning, after having been at Arsenal for a while, he decides to come back to his favorite club, OL. And that’s not the only one, there are a lot of them in fact, including very great players who after a good career (or not) choose to come back home (those big traitors). Here are 15 small examples.

1. Lacazette returns to OL (breaking neeeews)

Lacazette left for England in the summer of 2017 for a not disgusting check for 53 million. After 5 years at Arsenal, he decided to return to the club where he was born, OL. He gave up the project of a European competition, apparently more convinced by that of Aulas, and will very soon become the leader of OL to the delight of the supporters.

2. After spending time with Juve, Ronaldo returns to Manchester United

Twelve years after his departure, CR7 had finally found his way back to the Red Devils after his move to Juve, after two Italian championship titles. Since he returned to Man U, CR7 has often been criticized for his level, which supporters consider to be less good than in previous years (at the same time he is 37 years old). It’s the second time in a row that neither he nor Messi have reached the Champions League quarter-finals, is that alarming? No, but maybe so a little all the same.

3. Gianluigi Buffon, at 43, returns to Parma

At 43, because Buffon is not afraid of age, he returns to his training club Parma. He notably allowed Parma in 1999 to win the UEFA Cup. After a more than successful career at Juventus and the national team, Buffon returns home to end his career quietly.

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4. Christophe Dugarry, returned to Bordeaux after a short tour of Europe

We must not forget, Christophe Dugarry was a great talent in the Bordeaux team, he had notably allowed the Girondins to go back to the first division (they would really need him now lol). He then moved to OM, AC Milan or even FC Barcelona, ​​to finally return to Bordeaux.

5. Mario Gómez returned to Stuttgart, his training club

Gomez, began his career in Stuttgart, after a somewhat complicated start, where he had difficulty in imposing himself, he finally became one of the best players in the Bundesliga and therefore interested Bayern, which he was to join for a while longer. late. After Bayern, Gomez took off for other destinations like Fiorentina, but returned to Stuttgart in 2018, to the greater good of his club.

6. Mario Götze returned to his “childhood” club, Dortmund

Götze starts at just 17 years old with Borussia Dortmund and is announced as one of the most promising players of his generation. With Dortmund he goes to the Champions League final before joining the very big Bayern Munich (which the supporters will of course consider as a betrayal). Dortmund (re)-recruits him in 2018 but Götze will be very little present, suffering from a big injury which prevents him from playing and leaves the club deliberately 2 years later.

7. Fernando Torres, loyal to Atletico de Madrid

Fernando Torres was a legend of Atletico Madrid, which he joined when he was just 17, when the club was still in the second division. The one who was nicknamed “El Niño” will nevertheless leave his club to go to England, first to Liverpool then to Chelsea, and will take a short trip to Italy near Milan. But you’re never as good as at home and after a bumpy ride, he returns to his original club, Atletico. Fortunately, because with his club he won the Europa League in 2018 and reached the Champions League final in 2016.

8. Wayne Rooney will return to the colors of Evert,

Ronney is also a legend at his club, Everton, with whom he began his career as a teenager. It is with his training club that he will become at the age of 16 one of the youngest goalscorers in the history of the Premier League. He continued his professional career in England with Manchester United, where he once again proved his worth by being twice Champions League finalists (in 2009 and 2011) and also being the club’s top scorer with 253 goals. After those long years Rooney returns home to Everton for two seasons, after 13 years away.

9. Carlos Tévez returning to Boca Juniors, the club that revealed him

The Argentinian international starts of course in the emblematic club of Argentina, Boca Junior, and reveals himself to the eyes of the world by his performances. Like many South American players, he decided to pursue his career in Europe, and joined the ranks of Manchester United then Manchester City, before moving on to Juventus.

Nevertheless, after these years spent in Europe, and a few titles in his pocket (notably a Champions League with Manchester United in 2008), he returned to Argentina at Boca Junior in which he continued to shine, until the end of his career, in 2021.

10. Thierry Henry ended his career where he started, at Arsenal

Well I lied in the title, because Thierry Henry didn’t really start at Arsenal but at AS Monaco, it’s true. He still remains 8 years at Arsenal, and notably wins 2 English championships and three English Cups. He then transferred to Barça, where he will surely have his best years by winning the same year the Champions League, the European Super Cup, the Club World Cup, the Spanish championship, the Spanish Cup and the Spanish Super Cup (basically everything you can win), which is of course unprecedented in the history of the club (and in history for that matter). After all these great victories and a stint in the United States, Henry returned to his favorite club, Arsenal, in 2012 to end his career there.

11. Le Dynamo Kiev and Andriy Shevchenko

Shevchenko is often considered the best Ukrainian striker of his generation, and it’s well deserved because the 2004 Ballon d’Or will have written Dynamo kyiv’s finest hours when he was there. He will also have marked the AC Milan club in which he played for many years, then Chelsea, before returning to AC Milan and finally coming full circle in kyiv. I hope you followed, but basically what you have to remember is that he returned to his home, his native country and his club of origin.

Andriy shevchenko 2017

12. Pogba has returned to Manchester United

After Pogba had only been playing at Manchester United for a year, Alex Ferguson decided to let him go to Italy for Juventus, where he would stay for 4 years and be a Champions League finalist in 2015. Finally, Pogba found Man U, where he still evolves today.

13. After a great career at Real, Anelka finally returned to PSG

After only one year spent at PSG, Anelka left her club at just 17 to go to Arsenal, then to Real with which he won the Champions League. He returned to PSG in 2000 without necessarily meeting with great success.

PSG will not be the player’s last stop since he will then go to Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Juve, in short, everywhere.

Nicolas anelka 4720
Credits photo : Amarhgil

14. Mats Hummels returns to Bayern after world championship title

Hummels started with Bayern, but was unable to really establish himself in the German club, which he finally left in 2007. After a long spell at Dortmund, he returned to Bayern in 2018, but with the title of champion of the world. Finally, a few years later, he returned to Dortmund, where he still plays today. In short, he is undecided and it is difficult to follow him.

15. Gerard Pique, after cheating on Shakira, returns to FC Barcelona

Pique left Barcelona, ​​his training club in 2004 to go to Manchester United in the hope of having more playing time, which he will not have. Two years passed, and he returned to his favorite club Barça in 2008 and became the player we know today: the one who is 8 times Spanish champion, 7 times winner of the Spanish super cup, or even three-time Champions League winner.

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