Top 15 photos of cats that look too badly at us, you have to calm down

Some people still think that there are cute and nice cats when it’s just a facade: your cat is pretending to be nice because he planned to kill you in your sleep. In truth, cats are aggressive and sometimes they find it difficult to hide their hatred and contempt towards humans. That’s why your cat looks at you so badly, he’s tired of living with you while waiting to carry out his Machiavellian plan.

1. He waits to grow up a bit to give you a straight line

2. He despises you so much he’s too lazy to kill you.

3. He’s just waiting for you to look away to put poison in your drink.

4. He can’t take his life with you anymore

5. He is tired of you constantly disturbing him.

6. He will burn down your house when you leave for work.

7. He wants to look mean but he’s just cute

8. He would like you to get off the couch

9. He doesn’t understand what you’re doing with him

10. The time has come for you to die in pain

11. He’s trying to stop himself from slicing your jugular.

12. He would like you to move your ass to get him a beer from the fridge.

13. They are so tired of seeing your face that they plan to go live with the neighbors

14. He decided to take your family hostage

15. He would like you to call him sir when you address him

Show us photos of your cat looking bad in the comments, we like to face their gaze.

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