Top 15 people who use their children to get discounts

Here we often talk to you about young sleazy parents who only talk about their kids (when we don’t care) or who don’t want to go out (when we’re thirsty), but today we’re going to show you the worst category of parents that exists in this world. These are the parents who believe that the universe owes them something for the simple reason that they have children. They think it gives them access to discounts, even free stuff, when we don’t give a damn about their kids. Frankly, they deserved to be displayed on the Internet.

1. She thinks having 6 kids gives her a discount.

Under a PS4 $250 sale ad:

“I am a mother of 6 children, what offer can you make me? »

2. A free car? Well yeah normal

“Does anyone have an extra SUV they don’t use anymore please I am a single mum pregnant with a third child and I really need a bigger car. Please tell me, I need a car with 7-8 seats please from 2016 with not too many kilometers on the odometer and which does not consume too much please. »

3. It’s true that having a tattoo is essential to feed your children

“_ What is your price?

_ $220/hr. but I charge more by the piece. What are you thinking about?

_ I want to cover something on my leg but it’s out of budget

_ OK. Well Ink Monkey, Big City and Idle Hands are local shops with great artists if you want to do this project. I’m out of the US at the moment anyway, so there would be a wait.

_ You can not give me a price? i am a single mom lol

_ I don’t give a fuck if you run an orphanage, to be honest.

_ Wow fuck you man. How about I let everyone know you’re a jerk? »

4. Maybe having piercings allows you to better educate your children??

“_ Hi, I heard you do free piercings for single mothers. When can I come for my triple helix piercing please. Lots of love.

_ I don’t do free piercings. If you are interested in making them, they start at $40 each. We are still closed until further notice due to covid-19 and when we open I will resume booking appointments. Thanks

_ Can you make an exception for a single mother?

_ I do not make exceptions for anyone. »

5. “Can I have an 85% discount please?”

Under an ad for a $200 sofa:

“_ I’m a single mom, can you do it for me for $30??? Please be considerate and consider who needs it most. Jesus looks…. »

6. If asked kindly…

” _ Hi. I saw you were selling a PS4. Could you give it to me for free? It’s my son’s birthday tomorrow. […] Are you just gonna fucking ignore me?

_ Sorry, I can’t do it. If you’re willing to pay the 250 for it, I’m happy to sell it to you. By the way, this is a lightly used ps4 pro. You can find the original ps4 cheaper.

_ Fuck you man. It’s a kids birthday and you’re just trying to make a few bucks. I am a single mother. Do you really think I can afford this shit?

_ yes, given that you just posted a picture of a new half sleeve tattoo that usually costs over $250

“You are a selfish bitch. Don’t ever text me again.

_ I had no intention of doing it. Tell your child that I wish him good luck. »

7. Negotiation Failed

“_ I want to buy your unlocked iPhone 8 Plus 64GB for $385.00

_ Ok $385 is fine with me

_ $350, I have to pay for my children’s braces

_ Non

_ Sorry ? So you hate kids

_ No, I need $385 for my children’s braces

“I doubt anyone will fuck you”

8. A little myth that doesn’t pass

“_ Hello, is the shirt still available?

_ Yes, are you interested?

_ Can I take it from you for $20??

_ Sorry, it’s way too low. I’m asking $60 for it and again that’s cheap for what it is.

_ Go please?? My son has wanted it for 2 years now.

_ This shirt came out last month. »

9. We are always looking for the report

(She writes to a YouTuber who makes videos on high-tech devices)

“Hi Lew, I have a 16 month old son who has trouble sleeping at night. He wakes up 3 or 4 times a night and whatever happens he is ready to wake up at 5am. Please send me a Google Pixel 2 smartphone with Google Assistant technology. »

10. I want to eat, but only pizza

“_ Hey, I haven’t received my pay yet today. I’ll probably have it tomorrow and I don’t have anything for me or my child to eat. Can you offer me this pizza? Me and my child are starving.

_ I made soup for dinner, do you want some?

_ No it’s ok, sorry to have asked you »

11. She manages to bitch about a free thing

Deal of the day: “If your name starts with the letter J, pick up a free homemade donut today!!! »

“Please go back and do the letter E. It’s really unfair to those of us who promise our children a special gift. My child “B” had one and now my child E is upset. Yeah, I could just come over and buy one, but she was looking forward to her “special donut for those with an E-name.” Please, to the E parents here, be fair. »

12. It’s true that color is super important (when you’re crazy)

“Anyone got a free kitten? Please I can see photos, if possible a white or long-haired thank you it’s for the children’s Christmas »

” _ I have one ! I sent you a message last night.

_ Thank you girl I saw it but I’m looking for a white one. »

13. 100% sure it’s not even his birthday

“_ I’ll offer you $20

_ Hi ! Yes, it’s still available 🙂 would you be willing to cut the pear in half and make $40?

_ I’m sorry, I would like to have $40. I’m a single mom looking for a cheap tablet for my 4 year old son. Today is her birthday. He does not have money. »

14. Free is always too expensive for her

“_ Is it still available?

_ Oui

_ Hi. I saw the free microwave post and I want it. I am a single mother and I need it for my children.

_ Ok, well, it’s still available, so let me know when you want to pick it up and I’ll prepare it.

_ I can’t get it back because of my children, can you deliver it to me?

_ No, sorry…

“Well, if I come to pick it up, will you give me something else to make up for the lost time?” Another appliance like a blender, but just if it’s a Kitchen Aid, and not a cheap or broken or damaged one.

_ No, but I’ll make you the microwave at half price.


_ That was the joke. If you want it, come get it. Otherwise don’t. It’s the same for me.


15. Greedy people suck…

“Listen, I don’t want to worry, but if you don’t take 400, you’ll make my child sad for his birthday in a week.” It’s all the money I have please make him happy.

_ I do not sell a PC that is worth 1700 for 400.

_ You are really greedy. »

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